Amazon Barcod | The Basics You Must Know

Amazon barcode are used to identify and track items. Amazon’s barcode must be affixed to all products that are not tracked with a manufacturer’s barcode. These codes usually start with X0.

Amazon Barcod

For sellers who are new to Amazon, the application of various barcodes is often confusing, such as what is UPC? What are GTINs? What are FNSKUs? This article will walk you through these practical codes on Amazon:

 A UPC (Universal Product Code)

It is a unique identifier for a physical item and consists of two parts; a scannable barcode and a unique corresponding number.

UPCs are the most common type of barcode and can be found on most physical products in retail stores, and sellers use them to track inventory when sending products to FBA warehouses.


Amazon Barcod


A GTIN (Global Trade Item Number)

It is a number that identifies an individual product, not an actual barcode. GTINs are affixed to various barcode types such as UPC, EAN, ISBN and JAN.

FNSKU (Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit)

It is a specific barcode assigned to each item that goes through FBA. Also known as an Amazon barcode, it identifies a seller’s items and connects those products to the corresponding Amazon seller account.

FNSKU is an Amazon product label for product identification and tracking. It is the unique identification code for FBA to enter and exit the warehouse. Only products using FBA logistics will have FNSKU.

There are two types of FNSKU, one is the Amazon barcode (Amazon Barcode) starting with X00, and the other is the Manufacturer Barcode (Manufacturer Barcode) starting with B00.


Amazon Barcod


An ISBN (International Standard Book Number)

It is a product identifier used exclusively for books, usually associated with a publication date.

EAN (European Article Number)

It is an identification code specially used for products in the European market. This product identifier is also known as the International Product Number.

JAN (Japanese Article Number)

It is an identification code specially used for products in Japanese malls. This product identifier is also known as the International Product Number.

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Manufacturer barcode

Our common barcode also has a manufacturer’s barcode, which is the original barcode of the commodity provided by the commodity manufacturer, which is used to identify the basic information of the commodity.

No additional labeling is required, and the code generally starts with B0.


Bonded Zone


Do Amazon barcods and manufacturer barcodes work together? How should we choose?

According to Amazon, sellers only need to choose between the manufacturer’s barcode and Amazon’s barcode. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a barcode:

  1. Whether the original product has the manufacturer’s barcode and whether it can be scanned.
  2.  Whether the category of the product matches Amazon’s barcode classification.
  3. Is shared inventory acceptable? If you want to use your own inventory to deliver orders exclusively, you can switch to Amazon barcodes at any time.

What is a Transparency Code?

Merchandise level authentication stickers that help brand owners protect their brands and keep buyers safe from counterfeit goods. With a transparent (TransparencyTransparency) logo “T”, it must not be covered by any other label, and must not cover any other label.


There are more details in the below video:


When must I use an Amazon barcode?

Items for external use (such as skin care products, shampoos and cosmetics), items with a shelf life, consumer items, and items that have been pre-processed but the barcode cannot be scanned must be labeled with an Amazon barcode, and the manufacturer’s barcode cannot be used instead.
How do I get an Amazon barcode?

Login to Amazon backstage, select Print from “Manage Inventory”, “Product Labeling”, “Page or Create Shipment”.

To print the barcode on the “Manage Inventory” page, please follow the steps below:

  1. Select the product on the left.
  2. From the “Actions on the selected product” drop-down menu, select “Print Product Label”.

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