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UPC , Universal Product Code, consists of a 12-digit numeric code, and each UPC code is different.

If you want to read more about Universal Product Code definition, click here.

Universal Product Code code content

Product Category, Manufacturer, Attributes, Characteristics and so on.

It is characterized as a bar code with fixed length and continuity, which is mainly used in the United States and Canada, and we can see it on the goods imported from the United States.

The UPC barcode is a barcode developed by the Uniform Code Council of the United States and is also known as the universal barcode because of its wide range of applications.

Global exporting countries also need to apply for UPC barcode in order to adapt to the needs of North America, and there are two kinds of UPC barcode: standard version and shortened version:

The standard version consists of 12 digits.

The shortened version consists of 8 digits, one less than the standard version of the EAN barcode, the shortened version of the same number of digits.

Amazon U.S. station unified use of U.S. standards, China’s products do not have UPC code, if you need to upload products from the Amazon U.S. station, you can only buy or use software to generate Universal Product Code acquisition.


Universal Product Code


Universal Product Code acquisition channels

  1. Official channels to buy.
  2. UPC generator.
  3. Apply to join the Chinese commodity barcode system.
  4. For brand filing, through the UPC does not need to fill in.

Note: UPC to find a reliable seller to buy, do not find UPC automatic generator and no certificate.

How to recognize the authenticity of Universal Product Code?

  1. The regular bar code are available in: the United States Uniform Code Council website to query the results.
  2. The formal bar code is the main body of the company through the application for access, and government agencies to give a bar code range of a certificate of authorization, there is absolutely no applicant with the authority to issue certificates of qualification, there is no one bar code a certificate of the statement.
  3. If you buy A company’s bar code, through the GS1 query results show that belongs to the company is B or other companies, then your complaints on Amazon will not be effective, Amazon will think you are not the UPC belongs to people.


Universal Product Code


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