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Air freight shipping refers to the transportation of various goods by air carriers. Global importers and exporters use it when they need to get their goods somewhere quickly and reliably.

What products are suitable for air freight shipping?

Electronic products

Electronic products are more suitable for international air transport, because the upgrading of electronic products is fast. If they are transported by sea or rail, the goods may be halfway through, and new models will come out, and customers may return them because of this.

In addition, the value of electronic products is relatively high, and the security requirements for freight channels are relatively high.

The security of air transportation is also relatively high. Because the profit point of electronic products is relatively high, it is enough to support the transportation cost of air freight.


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E-commerce small parcels

E-commerce small parcels are also suitable for air freight shipping , because e-commerce small parcels are relatively light, and the cost of air freight is not too high, but the delivery time is greatly improved, which can better meet the logistics requirements of e-commerce buyers and increase the transaction rate of products.

Other goods that require high timeliness

In addition, other goods that have high requirements on logistics timeliness are also suitable for international air transportation, and the specific needs of the seller’s logistics timeliness requirements are the main ones.

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Calculation of air freight shipping

The calculation of international air freight mainly includes the following aspects:

The weight of the goods

The calculation of international air freight shipping  is mainly related to the weight of the goods transported. Gram weight is calculated based on the actual weight of the goods, while volumetric weight is calculated based on the volume of the goods.
When calculating the cost of air freight, the larger value of the two is usually used as the billing standard.

The size of the goods

The cost of international air freight is also related to the size of the cargo, the larger the size, the higher the cost.


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There are two methods of calculating volumetric weight:
Dimensional Weight = Volume (cbm) * 167
Volume weight=length (cm)*width (cm)*height (cm)/6000*carton quantity

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Amazon FBA Air Freight shipping

The time of Amazon FBA air freight depends on several factors, but usually ranges from 7 to 30 days.
In order to ensure that your products can arrive at the Amazon warehouse in a timely manner, we recommend that you take the following measures:

Plan ahead

Plan and arrange shipping time in advance to ensure that your products arrive at Amazon warehouses within the time you want.

Choose a reliable Amazon FBA freight forwarder

Choose an experienced and reputable logistics partner who can provide you with accurate head-to-head timeliness information and ensure the safe arrival of the goods.

Track Shipments

Closely monitor the movement of your shipments using a tracking number or logistics tracking service. In this way, you can know the location and estimated time of arrival of the goods in time.

This way, you’ll have a better grasp of how long your merchandise takes to ship, giving you a solid foundation for business success.


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The benefits of Amazon FBA air freight shipping

Fast transportation speed

As we all know, FBA airfreight is faster compared with other transportation methods, especially Amazon’s high standard FBA airfreight service. This is also a highlight that many merchants like.

Involving freight and tariffs

FBA first time air shipping involves certain shipping fees, tariffs and other costs. Of course, the main problem is the shipping cost, which is relatively high for FBA airfreight, which is also related to its timeliness. In addition, if we choose different freight forwarders, the freight cost will be different, and the tax will be involved in the process.

Provide value-added services

Trustworthy FBA logistics companies will print labels for each item according to Amazon’s barcode content and requirements. In addition, it will attach the appropriate code to each product according to the storage requirements of FBA. In addition, it will help customers with returns and reshipments.

As an Amazon FBA freight forwarder company, we are very familiar with Amazon’s relevant regulations. If you need a freight forwarder China to USA , contact us now!

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