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Customs clearance can sometimes be completed in one or two days, but if you encounter clearance delay, the time will be extended to ten days, or even half a month to complete.

Customs clearance is an essential part of international transportation. However, due to the complexity and diversity of the international environment, not all will be very smooth, will inevitably encounter clearance delay, then, this may lead to your goods have customs clearance delays.

To figure out the customs clearance problem, we first need to understand what is the destination port customs clearance.

U.S. Customs


Clearance Delay


What is destination port customs clearance?

Customs clearance refers to the formalities that should be carried out in accordance with the law when imported, exported or transit goods enter or leave the customs territory of a country. After completing the formalities of customs declaration, inspection, tax collection and release, the imported goods must fulfill all the entry obligations before the goods can be released, picked up by the logistics company and finally dispatched.

There are two main purposes of customs clearance: one is to check and see if it is legal, and the other is to collect duties to maintain the trade balance between the two countries.


How to avoid clearance delay?

Prepare documents in advance

Before the goods are exported, make sure that your documents such as commodity information, planned export date, packaging method, transportation terms and so on are ready and confirm that you have fully communicated and understood with the other party.

Choosing the right logistics solution

Choose a reliable logistics partner to ensure that your goods remain under control during transportation and are handled properly during customs clearance.


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Comply with relevant regulations

Pay more attention to understand the international trade, customs and other related regulations and rules to ensure that your documents and goods are in compliance with the requirements and are protected in international business activities.

What are the solutions if I encounter clearance delay?

Communicate in time and seek help

If there is a clearance delay in the customs clearance of your goods, you can solve the problem faster by seeking help from your logistics service provider and actively cooperating.

Contact your local customs in time to understand the reasons for the delay and the progress of customs clearance, find the best solution, and communicate with your customers to update the information in time to avoid affecting the normal progress of the order.

Warm tips

International express customs clearance of detained goods in the customs office can not be put too long, more than the period of time may be confiscated by the customs or destroyed, but also may be returned, the return of the cost of DHL, FedEx published price charged, the freight is relatively high.

If there are tariffs arising from the recipient’s refusal to pay, even if returned or discarded for processing, the sender still needs to pay the tariffs.


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