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Cost of China to US freight by air

For shipments over 150kg, air shipping from China to USA is fast but expensive.
Some airlines charge $3 to $5 per kg for shipments weighing 150-500 kg from China to the US.

China To USA Air Freight Cost Calculator

Cost of China to US freight by ocean

Shipping costs will vary, depending on the freight forwarder‘s fees and the carrier’s fees. Therefore, it is best to ask your freight forwarder for the actual price.

But in general, some expenses that can contribute to the total cost include:
Customs Security Surcharge
Customs fees
Consolidated Fees for LCL Shipping
Pickup and Delivery Fees

China Shipping Cost Calculator

China to US freight

China to US freight

Cost of China to US freight by express

Express delivery is the most expensive way to shipping from China to USA.
Most shipping lines charge $5 to $9 per kilo. For this reason, express shipping is only cheaper when shipping lightweight products.

Factors affecting China to US freight

Chinese holiday

Most Chinese suppliers and manufacturers typically close factories on public holidays such as the Lunar New Year, affecting China to US freight.
Before shipping any product from China, please make sure you are on the correct schedule to avoid seaport congestion. Otherwise, you will have to wait weeks to receive your shipment.

Port congestion

Seaport congestion is a common cause of shipping delays. When ports are congested, ships cannot load and unload their cargo on time. This means that the ship will not sail on time at the departure port, nor will it arrive at the destination port on time.

Import customs inspection

Although delays due to customs inspections are rare, they do happen from time to time. Shipments can be delayed by approximately one to two weeks when they pass through Customs and Border Protection (CBP). If this happens, you need to give the freight forwarder more time to deliver the product.

If you want to know more details about Import customs inspection, you can click on this article:

China To US Customs Clearance Process| Ultimate Guide

Adverse weather conditions

Another common factor that can cause China-to-US freight delays is bad weather. Bad weather conditions such as high winds make it difficult for cargo ships to navigate the water smoothly. When the wind gets stronger and the waves get bigger, the boat can even sink. When the weather conditions at sea are unfavorable, the boat will have to dock somewhere until the weather calms down.

China to US freight


Below are some factors that may affect the cost of duties you will pay

Classification of goods: Check the product’s Harmonized System Code (HS Code), which identifies its classification.

Declared value: In this case, U.S. customs officials use the declared value and description of the goods to set duties and taxes.

Port Maintenance Fee (HMF): This fee applies to clearing your shipment in the United States. Standard HMF is a percentage of the total value of your shipment.

Merchandise Processing Fee (MPF): MPF is charged on all imports into the United States. Unfortunately, most importers probably won’t notice these fees as they are few and far between.

What documents are required to China to US freight?

To ensure smooth shipping, you must have all required documents ready. You can obtain documents from freight forwarders, cargo suppliers, and carriers. Below are the documents you need to source goods from China and ship them to the United States.

Bill of Lading: This is an agreement form issued by the carrier confirming that they have received the shipment from China to the United States.

Packing List: This contains all the details of the shipped goods, including their dimensions, dimensions, and weight. This document is required when shipping by sea.

Commercial Invoice: As proof of sale when you purchase goods from Chinese suppliers. It provides information about items sold, such as the number of units sold.

Certificate of Origin: This specifies the country the goods came from, in this case, China. The supplier states that the goods come from their factory.

Transport aids:

China customs

U.S. Customs

China to US freight

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