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Is it reliable to buying from Alibaba selling on Amazon? Alibaba can provide sellers with more product choices. But there are also risks in purchasing on Alibaba, so sellers need to be cautious at all times.

How to buying from Alibaba selling on Amazon?

Select an item

Finalizing products is the most important part of e-commerce sales, and good products will bring higher profits to sellers. If you choose a product that is similar to other products, you may not be able to obtain high profits, so the seller’s best choice is to find a product that is less or not available in the market.


buying from Alibaba selling on Amazon

buying from Alibaba selling on Amazon


Get a quote

  • Once you have decided what you want to sell, you need to get a quote for the product from Alibaba.
  • Open the Alibaba platform, click “Sourcing solutions” and then enter “RFQ” (Request for Quotation).
  • And provide information about the goods, such as quantity, type, and shipping method.
  • Cross-border e-commerce logistics skills and possible risks of purchasing goods from and reselling them on Amazon

In addition, you can also set up a question template to ask questions of interest to suppliers:

  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • MOQ price
  • Product picture 
  • Sample type
  • Production lead time
  • Shipping and Payment Methods


buying from Alibaba selling on Amazon

buying from Alibaba selling on Amazon


This article has a detailed description of how to ship from Alibaba to Amazon warehouse, if you want to know more, please click to read it:

How To Shipping From Alibaba To Amazon FBA


Buying from Alibaba selling on Amazon may encounter problems

Inferior goods

When trading on Alibaba, the risk of encountering poor quality goods is still very high. The reason for this kind of problem is usually that there is no communication or no attention to detail.
But it is also possible that an unscrupulous supplier is fooling the seller with a lower cost item.

To avoid this problem, sellers can provide instructions on size, material, design.

Payment fraud

The number of cases of payment fraud increases every year. Fraudsters hack into suppliers’ accounts, looking for orders to be paid for. And use the same email to communicate with the seller, but provide the seller with false bank account and information, and ask the seller to pay.
Sellers are kept in the dark until the money is wired into the scammer’s account. So when this happens, it will be very difficult to track the money. The only thing that can help the seller at this point is insurance.

Precautions for bbuying from Alibaba selling on Amazon

When choosing a supplier, sellers should also keep a clear head and take the following issues into consideration:

Is the supplier insured? Do you understand the requirements of Amazon FBA and packaging? Can you deliver on time? Are they authorized to ship to other countries?

When purchasing products, you should also consider:

Is this item available for sale at the destination? Does the product comply with the safety regulations of Amazon and the country? Is the product classified as dangerous goods?

After finalizing the product, it is necessary to purchase samples. Sample prices may vary from item retail prices. When paying, be sure to choose a secure payment method.

Selling on Amazon and finding a reliable Amazon FBA freight forwarder China is a big step towards success.

We can provide you the best freight forwarding services.

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