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If you need to shipping from China to the US, then you should find the method that suits you best, because the method that suits you is the best shipping from China to USA.

1. International express

The four major international express DHL, TNT, FEDEX, UPS can all send express to the United States. Moreover, the transportation time is faster and more secure, but the cost is higher than the dedicated line, and it will take about 3-5 days to arrive.

2. Air transport

Air transportation refers to the cross-border transportation of goods by aircraft as a means of transportation. Standard air shipping usually costs $1-2 per kilo less than express shipping. For very light-sized shipments, charges may be based on dimensional weight rather than actual weight.For larger cargo sizes (over 200kg), air freight is the best shipping from China to USA. LCL (less than container load) shipping costs may be cheaper than air freight quote from China.

best shipping from China to USA

Advantages of air transport
Very fast speed, greatly shorten the delivery time
low cost of ownership
Reduce safety stock (delivery time is shortened, safety stock level can be lowered)
Ideal for light weight, high value, urgent shipments
No need for overpackaging (low risk of damage to goods)

Disadvantages of Air Transport
There are restrictions on the size and weight of the goods
high capital investment
Requires a suitable airport for takeoff and landing

3. Ocean freight

Maritime transportation is a way of using ships to transport goods between ports in different countries and regions through sea routes, including FCL and LCL. Once the cargo weighs more than around 200kg, sea freight best shipping from China to USA. Ocean freight offers huge economies of scale (some ships can carry 20,000 20-foot containers).

Some freight forwarders offer premium service, often called expedited freight, which is a bit more expensive than regular ocean freight. Like air freight, ocean freight rates vary widely between freight forwarders and over time.

best shipping from China to USA

What is the best shipping from China to USA?

For bulk shipments, the best shipping from China to USA is by sea. For shipments over 1200 pounds, ocean shipping is almost always the cheapest method, but it is slow. Now, if speed is your main criterion, express mail is almost always the fastest shipping method. You don’t need a customs agent, your goods will arrive at your doorstep.

For shipments between 200 and 1200 lbs, air freight is best shipping from China to USA with fast transit times. However, you should compare ocean freight rates as sometimes LCL may be cheaper than air freight.

What are the benefits of choosing the best shipping from China to USA?

1. Saving money

In order to be able to do a good job in transportation, and at the same time save resources and costs, the best shipping from China to USA can reduce unnecessary commodity packaging during transportation, as long as the goods are loaded on the road to the final destination, which can save a lot of money. wrapping paper; the same mechanized operation is also realized, and the process from unloading to loading is fully automated, which can save a lot of labor and employee expenses.

2. Save time

The most important thing in the transportation process is the transportation time. It is the essential meaning of logistics transportation to deliver the goods to the destination safely and on time.

best shipping from China to USA

3. Enhance the competitiveness of enterprises

In the era of shortage of logistics, enterprises revolved around expanding production and reducing manufacturing costs to maintain operations. Later, in the era of abundant logistics, enterprises relied on expanding sales to win profits again, as long as the function, quality, style and The cost reduction of after-sales service, etc.,

The best shipping from China to USA reduce the cost of transportation.

4. enhance the corporate image

Third-party logistics providers and customers are not competitors, but strategic partners. They think about customers and make customers’ supply chain management completely transparent through a global information network.

Customers can know the supply chain situation through the network at any time; The best shipping from China to USA providers are logistics experts who use complete facilities and trained staff to achieve complete control over the entire supply chain and reduce logistics complexity.

The characteristics of each mode of transportation, you can choose the appropriate logistics solution according to your needs. For example, new products are listed, urgent shortages, and replenishment can choose international express or air; When the two batches of products shipped by air have been put into storage, the products by sea have almost arrived. In short, what suits you is the best.

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