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Sea freight from China to USA is a low-cost shipping method that is very popular with cross-border sellers.

The shipping routes of sea freight from China to USA

Far East – North America West Coast route

The route includes trade transportation routes from China, North Korea, Japan and the Soviet Union’s far east seaports to Canada, the United States, Mexico and other ports on the west coast of North America.

Departing from various coastal ports in our country, the southerly ones pass through the Osumi Strait and leave the East China Sea; the northerly ones pass through the Tsushima Strait and pass through the Sea of ​​Japan, or enter the Pacific Ocean through the Chongjin Strait, or pass through the Zonggu Strait and enter the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. North Pacific Ocean.

Far East – Caribbean, North America East Coast route

The route often arrives after passing the Hawaiian Islands north and south to the Panama Canal. Most of the ships departing from coastal ports in the north of our country go out to the East China Sea via the Osumi Strait or Ryukyu Amami Oshima.


shipping routes and options



 Northwest Europe, the east coast of North America–Mediterranean, Suez Canal–Asia-Pacific routes

Northwest Europe, North America East Asia-Mediterranean-Suez route is the busiest flight segment in the world. It is a shortcut for trade between North America, Northwest Europe and the Asia-Pacific Gulf region. The route generally passes through the terminal on the Azores, Madeira Islands.

Persian Gulf–Good Hope–Western Europe, North America route

The route is mainly operated by supertankers and is the world’s most important maritime oil transportation route.

Persian Gulf–Suez Canal–Mediterranean Sea–Western Europe, North America transportation line

The route can currently pass supertankers with a load of 300,000 tons.

Far East – North America route

Australia, New Zealand – North America route

US-Canada route

This includes the Canadian west coast ports of Vancouver, the U.S. west coast ports of Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, the Canadian east coast ports of Montreal, Toronto, the U.S. east coast ports of New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Portland and the U.S. Gulf of Mexico ports of Mo Bill, New Orleans, Houston and other ports.

The ports in the US Gulf of Mexico are also part of the US East Coast route.


sea freight from China


Time of sea freight from China to USA

Sea freight from China to USA , the destination ports of arrival are in the west and east of the United States, and the shipping routes are also different. It takes 13 to 16 days to shipping from China to USA . This is the time limit for fast ships, and the time limit for ordinary ships will be longer. If you arrive at Meidong Port, the time is about 30-40 days.

Cost of sea freight from China to USA

The cost of sea freight from China to USA depends on the situation of your goods, such as the volume, weight, whether it is overlong, overweight, etc., and various factors such as sending it to a specific Amazon warehouse.

Shipping is also divided into two modes of transportation: shipping + truck and shipping + express delivery. Shipping + truck is the terminal truck that is scheduled to be delivered to the warehouse, and the billing method is based on volume. Shipping + express delivery refers to express delivery such as ups into the warehouse, and it is charged according to the weight.

FCL sea freight from China to USA

There are three types of containers, 20GP-small container, which can hold 28CBM; 40GP-large container, which can hold 58CBM; 40HQ-high container, which can hold 68CBM.
Since the shipping weight limit is 20 tons, while the U.S. domestic land transportation limit is 17.3 tons, so the cargo generally does not exceed 18 tons as the weight standard.

The operation process of FCL sea freight from China to USA

Quotation – Receipt of Power of Attorney – Booking and ordering of trailers – Picking up and loading containers – Customs declaration and release – Document handover – Issue of bill of lading – Collection of freight – Exchange of destination for delivery.

The quotation of FCL sea freight from China to USA will usually make a preliminary quotation to the customer according to the specific shipping requirements of the customer, including the characteristics of the goods, the port of destination, the requirements of the shipping schedule, the delivery conditions, and other special requirements.

Among them, the quotation fee includes: sea freight + surcharge + terminal fee + customs declaration fee + document fee + ISF declaration fee + BOND fee + US FCL delivery trailer fee (+ customs fee).


sea freight from China


LCL sea freight from China to USA

The operation process of LCL sea freight from China to USA

Inquiry – receiving orders – tracking goods into the warehouse – booking – checking information with customers – customers provide freight information – checking the booking number before loading – loading and making records – customs declaration – customer checking sea waybills and bills – opening Collection after ship – customs clearance at destination port – delivery of goods

For the transportation of LCL sea freight from China to USA , special attention should be paid to what kind of transportation method and what kind of payment method is used for this transportation, which are very important for transportation.

The letter of credit (L/C) stipulates that the LCL cargo transportation does not accept the bill of lading of the freight forwarder, because the shipping company does not directly accept the booking of the LCL cargo. HOUSE B/L) to the shipper.

If the letter of credit stipulates that the freight forwarding bill of lading is not accepted, then the actual handling of the transportation will cause a discrepancy in the letter of credit, which will cause some unnecessary losses to the shipper.

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