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According to Amazon data, the Amazon kitchenware sales is growing rapidly, and it is one of the most potential categories, and the growth of some sub-categories is particularly obvious. This article will introduce you in detail.

Amazon Kitchenware Sales Consumer Portrait

Consumer group
Housewives, working class and white-collar workers are the main consumers. They have medium to high consumption power and have a certain pursuit of quality of life, so they care about the cost performance of products, but also pursue quality and personalization.

Consumption power



Amazon Kitchenware Sales

Amazon Kitchenware Sales

Consumption frequency

European and American consumers buy kitchen appliances more frequently and often buy them again and again every quarter.
The frequency of consumption of household appliances is relatively low.

In addition, consumers take longer to consider replacing their appliances with new ones because of the higher unit price and longer service life of electrically powered products compared to non-electrically powered products.

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Consumer demands

In terms of kitchen appliances, consumers generally focus on cost efficiency, product selection, stable quality and quick delivery, but the demands of consumers vary slightly from site to site.

U.S. consumers

More than 65% of Americans believe that competitive prices can enhance the shopping experience;

At the same time, they want to have more choices of similar products and quality assurance.

In terms of logistics, on-time delivery and easy returns are the demands of consumers.

European and American consumers

Pursuing high cost performance.

Good products at good prices.

Amazon Kitchenware Sales

Amazon Kitchenware Sales

Japanese consumers

Tend to prefer fresh, simple style products, brand loyalty, online repurchase rate are high, because the purchase decision is well thought out, so the return rate is also relatively low.

Because the room is relatively small and the ceiling is low, it is very important to see whether the products are easy to store.

Attention to detail, including packaging, labels, shopping vouchers.

Environmental protection, high efficiency, that is, the product page is simple and easy to understand, easy to order, fast delivery.

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Amazon Kitchenware Sales trends

Kitchen is a popular consumption scene

Affected by the epidemic, most families in Europe and the United States in the home state, home cooking has become an essential part of daily life, food storage and stainless steel cookware, tableware has also become a necessary part of the daily home supplies, including stainless steel cookware tableware also because of its easy to clean, comfortable grip.

Become one of the favorite materials in Europe and the United States.

Cooking at home has inspired foreigners to study the interest of food, 54% of Americans said that even after the epidemic, will continue to cook at home. 46% of the United States said the future will be more home baking, I believe that this year the demand for kitchen products will continue to be strong. In addition to kitchen appliances, kitchen storage, baking and cooking utensils will be a hot category.

According to the survey, 43.1 percent of U.S. consumers said that if they plan to buy small kitchen appliances online in the next 12 months, they are most likely to buy air fryers, followed by toasters, toaster ovens, blenders, slow cookers and more.Amazon Kitchenware Sales

Amazon Kitchenware Sales

Amazon Kitchenware Sales

Reference advice for sellers

Kitchen appliances

China has always been a major producer of kitchen appliances, with good quality products at low prices, and Chinese sellers can take full advantage of the industrial zone.

Must continue to focus on product quality, focus on cost performance, as a breakthrough to win the trust of consumers in Europe and the United States, to expand brand influence.

Focus on home kitchen small appliances, home appliances are mainly divided into large appliances (such as refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers) and small appliances (such as vacuum cleaners toasters, coffee machines), kitchen, cleaning and other household appliances (especially small appliances) more than 50% of the market share, small appliances are among the fastest growing category, is expected to 2019-2023 average growth rate of 10.9%, 2023 forecast market The estimated market size will be as high as $207 billion.

In addition to the home scenario, dining out, commercial gatherings or restaurant purchases are also corporate buyers worthy of sellers’ attention buying scenarios, with major corporate customer types coming from the restaurant industry, in addition to government, hospital, school, and corporate cafeterias, as well as cafes and street food trucks.

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