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Amazon Products Selection-Consumer Electronics Category

Suggestions for sellers

Wireless, consumer electronics category itself is relatively fast update iteration, sales are mostly concentrated in the third and fourth quarter of the traditional promotional season.

Sellers need to according to their own strengths, in line with the trend, grasp the major promotional nodes, planning a good new product release plan, coordination of supply chain, online products, the initial accumulation of some word of mouth and traffic, and finally achieve the promotion season sales.

Consumer electronics products on product performance and compliance requirements are relatively strict, the certification requirements of various countries and regions also vary, sellers choose suppliers and products, pay special attention to meet the relevant compliance.

Patent issues are also of particular concern for consumer electronics products. There have been a few cases of losses due to patent issues, so sellers must carefully verify whether there are potential patent conflicts at the target site when launching products.

Amazon Products Selection

Amazon Products Selection

Operation Tips

Product compliance certification requirements: please see Amazon Europe, America and Japan three major sites consumer electronics category certification dry goods.
Industrial zone information: mainly concentrated in the Pearl River Delta region, electronic products update quickly, and can be flexible in the first time to produce and consumer demand matching products.

Product and patent requirements:In the design and production of products, to prevent subsequent product sales restrictions due to utility patents and design patent infringement. For more please refer to:

Supply chain requirements:Complete and mature production system, factory/supply chain should have ISO certification, and the corresponding products should meet the corresponding product certification in the countries where they are sold.

Logistics requirements: products containing lithium batteries, pay attention to the requirements of the shipping headway logistics for such products, subject to the use of the headway service company.

Product details page

Product Name Caution.
Notes on brand and manufacturer.
Picture notes.

Product Selection Guide

Tablets and Accessories

Amazon Products Selection

Amazon Products Selection

Consumer concerns:

Tablet PC:length of standby time, high or low screen resolution, whether the external volume is high.

Children’s tablet: appearance, size and portability, simple operating system, tablet security, parental management features.

Analysis Summary:

Due to the gradual normalization of working and studying at home, tablets have become an indispensable tool for work, study and entertainment. The upcoming back-to-school season will further boost this demand, and sales of tablet-related products will continue to rise.

Children’s tablet category sales are growing rapidly, and there are no big brands occupying a monopoly position yet, and consumer behavior is not yet mature, thus making it suitable for factory-type sellers with high-quality products to enter.

Amazon Products Selection-Security Communication

Consumer concerns

Security surveillance cameras

high pixel, higher resolution, night camera capability, wide angle, material, transmission stability; battery life, APP intelligent remote interconnection control, easy to install and use (clear and easy to understand instructions); free cloud storage support, voice interaction, simple and stylish appearance, micro-innovation features (e.g.: collection of solar panels for power storage);

Amazon Products Selection

Amazon Products Selection

Children’s tablet

appearance, size and portability, simple operating system, tablet security, parental management features.


size, portability, waterproof rating, ruggedness, number of walkie-talkie channels, output wattage, channel activity search, super frequency range, maximum communication range distance and corresponding applicable environment (sea, forest, town), amplification, radio and mute mode adjustment, weather alert function, maximum usage time, charging method and time duration, packing list, instruction manual, non-family use, small commercial use.

Analysis Summary

Security surveillance camera brand share is scattered, consumers are product-light brand, suitable for traditional security monitoring manufacturers transition to do consumer security e-commerce, or eager to enrich the category of intelligent electronic products e-commerce companies to enter;;

Walkie-talkie in the car and outdoor scenes are often used, especially in the U.S. station, the category is in high demand.

Amazon Products Selection

Amazon Products Selection

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