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Amazon is one of the largest online e-commerce companies in the United States. What are the four main parts of Amazon fees for FBA?

Amazon fees for FBA

Warehousing Fee

Warehousing fees can be divided into monthly warehousing fees and long-term warehousing fees.

Monthly storage fee

Monthly storage fees are categorized by month and size, with higher rates for peak season (October to December) and standard sizes.

Long-term storage fee

For goods stored in Amazon’s operation center for more than a year, in addition to the basic monthly storage fee, Amazon will also charge a certain long-term storage fee.

Delivery Fee

Delivery Fee After the buyer places an order, Amazon will arrange for the product to be packaged and shipped, then the seller is also required to pay a certain order delivery fee, which is charged according to the weight and size of each product.


Shipping local charges

Amazon fees for FBA


Handling Fee

Processing fees If a buyer applies for a return, Amazon will arrange for free door-to-door collection of returned items, the seller also needs to pay a certain amount of return processing fees, also charged by each product. The fee is also higher if there are multiple returned products in one package.

Order Removal Fee

Order Removal FeeThe order removal fee refers to the return of goods, or the product is stalled, defective products, etc., the seller can choose to apply for the removal of the order in the background, but also have to pay a certain fee. The order removal fee is charged by piece, usually takes about 14 days.

Returns Processing Fee

The return processing fee is the cost incurred by Amazon after a seller’s item is returned to the FBA warehouse. This fee includes processing costs such as item inspection, relabeling, and repackaging. In this fee, sellers need to pay for each item.

How to save Amazon fees for FBA

Add logistics costs to the budget when choosing products

Many sellers often fail to consider logistics costs during the product selection process, which results in a serious overspending of the entire budget. The weight and volume of the product affects the logistics cost, while the market demand and market pricing affect the profit of the whole business activities.


How To Source From 1688 Website

Amazon fees for FBA


The distribution of goods is reasonable

If it is a small cargo, the United States local trucking distribution settlement standards are not based on the number of cubic meters or kilograms of settlement, nor is it based on the pallet as a settlement unit. The main reference of the U.S. FBA transportation is the total number of cubic meters falling in which range and pallet height.

Reduce the weight and volume of the package

When sending heavy goods, try to reduce the weight of heavy goods, reduce unnecessary packaging, use low weight shatterproof packaging. Foam goods, to reduce the volume of goods, rational use of packaging space, so that the corners are flat and smooth.

Stagger the delivery of peak season

In the peak season, sea freight from China to USA and air transportation will often increase freight costs, while in the off-season, in order to attract customers, logistics will often reduce prices. It is best to prepare the goods half a month before the peak season and send the goods to the FBA warehouse.


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Amazon fees for FBA


Choose the freight forwarding company with favorable price

Transportation is a crucial step, the cheaper the freight forwarding company does not mean the better, but the more expensive is definitely better.

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