Attention! Amazon Fee Adjustment Measures in 2024

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2024 is approaching, sellers are also starting to prepare for the new year’s operation planning,the news of Amazon fee adjustment has come back.

The purpose of this Amazon fee adjustment is to optimize services, improve efficiency, and better adapt to market demand. Amazon has always been committed to continuously improving the user experience, and Amazon fee adjustment is also to ensure the sustainability of the platform, while allowing more sellers to benefit.

Following the Amazon U.S. station, the European station is also synchronized to update the new logistics costs and sales commission adjustments.

Many sellers said after reading: “After reading the new policy, the feeling is that it is accelerating the sifting and washing of sellers. Accelerated culling of the weak out of the field at the same time to the strength of the seller. Accelerated the deployment of the weak and strong between the distribution of resources is not balanced.”

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Amazon fee adjustment

Amazon fee adjustment


Amazon fee adjustment

The European station of this change than the price increase is mainly, the changes are mainly monthly storage fees and aging inventory surcharge changes, low inventory cost coverage fees (pan-EU), FBA returns, disposal and liquidation order fee changes, Amazon logistics preparation services and labor handling fee changes.

Amazon fee adjustment highlight contents:

  1. 2024.2.5 UK delivery charges rose, standard parcels rose by about £ 0.2 on average, other sites remain unchanged;
  2. 2024.2.5 warehouse age in 271 – 365, overage inventory surcharge will increase (£1.11-£2.32/£2.4/£2.48);
  3. 2024.2.5 Remote delivery charges between the UK and the EU are reduced, check the back office for details;
  4. 2024.3.1 UK monthly storage fee standard size goods January-September monthly storage fee is unchanged, October-December monthly storage fee increases (£1.10 – £1.21);
  5. 2024.6.1 warehousing utilization surcharge: previously 26 weeks to start charging, now adjusted to 22 weeks, and segmentation more;
  6. 2024.4.1 Low volume inventory fee, for inventory supply < 28 days, will be charged for low inventory cost coverage (pan-European plan);
  7. 2024.10.1 Returns processing fee for each returned item that exceeds the return rate threshold for the product category, check the backend;
  8. 2024.2.5 Returns processing, abandoned orders, and bulk liquidation processing fees have all risen by varying amounts, check the back office for details.

If you want to know more about it, click on Amazon Seller Center.


Amazon fee adjustment

Amazon fee adjustment


Low Inventory Fee

Identical to Amazon US, a new Low Inventory Cost Coverage program has been added.

Amazon says that starting April 1, 2024, we will charge a Low Inventory Cost Coverage Fee for standard-sized items delivered through the Amazon Logistics European Integrated Services (Pan-EU) program (European Integrated Services Program) if the number of items in stock in the Germany, France, Italy, and Spain malls is less than 28 days relative to the number of items shipped.

When a seller’s inventory level is low relative to the number of items shipped, we are unable to optimally distribute the merchandise across our distribution network, which reduces delivery speeds and increases delivery costs.

The Low Inventory Cost Coverage Fee (European Consolidated Services Program) is only charged when the historical inventory level of an item is less than 28 days relative to the historical demand (known as historical days of availability).


FTZ warehouse

Amazon fee adjustment


The Low Inventory Charge will be waived if you meet the following criteria

  • Professional Sellers new to the Amazon Logistics European Consolidation Service are exempt from the fee for the 365 days that the first Amazon Logistics European Consolidation Service is in effect;
  • FNSKUs for sellers new to the Amazon Logistics Europe Integration Service are exempt from the fee for 180 days after the first batch of inventory is received, and sellers are required to enroll in the Amazon Logistics New Product Inbound Discount Program to take advantage of this benefit;
  • FNSKUs held by Amazon Logistics Europe Integration Services sellers with an average weekly delivery volume of less than 5 pieces on Germany/France/Italy/Spain stations.
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