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As one of the largest online retailers in the world, Amazon has brought together millions of sellers on its sales platform. For these sellers, Amazon inventory management is an important part of doing business.

Amazon Inventory Management Guide

Regular stock count

By taking inventory, sellers can discover problems in inventory quantity, quality, status, etc. in a timely manner, and take corresponding measures in a targeted manner.
During the Amazon inventory management process, the seller needs to accurately record the inventory quantity to avoid missing and double orders.


Amazon Inventory Management

Make a reasonable purchase plan

Making a reasonable procurement plan can help sellers grasp market demand and inventory conditions, and avoid inventory backlogs and out-of-stock phenomena.
Sellers can make purchase plans based on historical sales data, market trends, and competition, and accurately grasp the quantity and time of purchases.

Optimize warehouse layout

This improves warehouse utilization and inventory turns. Sellers can rationally plan warehouse space and shelf layout based on product characteristics, sales volume, and procurement cycle to achieve fast picking, packing, and delivery.

Use advanced inventory management techniques

For example, sellers can use barcodes, RFID and other technologies to identify and track goods, realize fast storage and delivery, and reduce human errors.

Adopt the right inventory distribution strategy

This enables just-in-time distribution and fast delivery of goods.
Sellers can choose the appropriate inventory delivery method according to the characteristics of the product and customer needs, such as direct delivery, separate warehouse delivery, etc., to improve customer satisfaction and repeat purchase rate.


Amazon Inventory Management


Timely clearance of slow-moving inventory

Slow moving inventory takes up warehouse space, increasing inventory backlogs and costs. In order to avoid the backlog of slow-moving inventory, sellers need to clear the slow-moving inventory in a timely manner, and adopt corresponding promotional strategies and recycling measures.
Such as price reduction promotions, bundled sales, returns and exchanges, etc.

Amazon Inventory Management Tools


Brightpearl is an inventory management service system that provides sellers with inventory, order, customer, and financial integration. At the same time, this tool also helps sellers better understand internal needs and achieve profit growth through retail accounting, online and offline multi-channel retailing, and order management software.


RestockPro is a cloud-based Amazon inventory management tool designed to help Amazon sellers track inventory orders and save shipping time.
It can also be used to track all inventory data, make order estimates, streamline operations, manage suppliers, print custom labels, create kits and more.


It is an FBA inventory replenishment tool, which is mainly used to improve the efficiency of the supply chain and prevent out-of-stock situations.


Amazon Inventory Management



It is a software for inventory management through cloud data, and it can also help sellers establish multi-channel sales for e-commerce businesses. However, sellers need to have more than 1,000 orders per month to use more advanced service functions of the software.

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