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Shoes are no less in demand in life than clothing, and China has a low-cost wholesale shoes market. So how to find good the wholesale shoes from China?

Advantageous source merchants are essential for cross-border e-commerce companies that want to develop in the long run, but finding quality, reliable source merchants is not something that can be done in a short time.

Channels to find wholesale shoes from China

The first: wholesale market to find sources

Common domestic wholesale markets are: Zhejiang Yiwu Commodity Wholesale Market, Jiangsu Wushan Silk Market, Heilongjiang Harbin Mall, Liaoning Shenyang Shoe City, Guangzhou White Horse Wholesale Market and so on. If you have time, you can go shopping to see if there is a suitable source of goods, choose some models to try.


wholesale shoes from China

wholesale shoes from China


Wholesale shoes from China Market

Shoes wholesale market is mainly distributed in some large shoes distribution center. The following are some well-known wholesale shoe markets:

Putian Hanjiang International Trade City: Located in Hanjiang District, Putian City, Fujian Province, it has many footwear brands and focuses on wholesale and retail.

Fujian Putian Shoes Shoes City: Located in Putian City, Fujian Province, it is mainly engaged in a variety of footwear products, mainly sports shoes.

China Shoes Jinjiang Shoes Market: Located in Jinjiang City, Fujian Province, it is a famous footwear base, producing a wide range of footwear products with complete specifications.

Wenzhou Shoes Capital Market: Located in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, it is the center of the shoe industry in Wenzhou, offering a wide range of footwear products and related services.

In addition, there are also large shoe wholesale markets such as Guangzhou Guangdao Shoes Trade City and Rui’an Shoes Market. These markets not only have a large number of shoe suppliers, but also have a variety of supporting services, such as logistics and warehousing, which are convenient for e-commerce companies to make purchases.


wholesale shoes from China

wholesale shoes from China



1688 can be said to be a very large domestic sourcing platform, but 1688 has a first-hand source of merchants, there are also second-hand dealers, this will require you to identify yourself. In the early stage, you can choose dropshipping, and in the later stage, if you need, you can go to the factory to see.

Industrial belt

Clothing industry chain alone, from the point of view of the regional distribution of China’s clothing industry chain enterprises, the clothing industry chain enterprises are mainly distributed in East China, South China, followed by North China, Central China, and finally Northwest and Southwest China enterprises are relatively few.

Offline exhibition to find sources

Participate in some electric offline exhibition, the exhibition in addition to the same do electricity supplier counterparts, a lot of high-quality sources of business will also go, interested friends can go to take a look.


Shipping insurance cost

wholesale shoes from China


Interpersonal relationships

The so-called interpersonal relations in addition to their friends whether they have to do the source, but also in the exchange of time and peers, ask their sources are from which place to find.

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