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What is Amazon MWS?

Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS) is an integrated web service API that helps Amazon sellers programmatically exchange data about items, orders, payments, reports, etc., specific functions such as adding items, uploading inventory in bulk, downloading order information, getting Payment data, request to generate various reports, query report status and download, etc.

What is Amazon MWS Authorization?

The Amazon MWS API open interface provides more convenient management for sellers at all stages of selling on Amazon. Developers with professional seller accounts can use it for free, and grant developers the right to call by using the MWS authorization service.


Amazon MWS


How to authorize Amazon MWS correctly?

  1. Each Token can only be used by one application or developer. If you need to authorize more third-party service providers, please repeat the same steps to apply. Specific steps are as follows:
  2. Go to the User Permissions page on Seller Central and log in to your Amazon seller account as the master user;
  3. Click the Authorize a developer button;
  4. In the developer name text box, enter the name of the application developer you want to authorize. This name is only for your future reference;
  5. In the developer ID text box, enter the developer ID provided by the application developer, and then click Authorize a developer;
  6. Your Amazon MWS authorization token will appear on the screen;
  7. Follow the instructions provided by your app developer, providing them with the MWS authorization token from the previous step and your seller ID.

For more information,you can click seller central.


Amazon FBA shipment requirements


What should I do if I incorrectly authorize Amazon MWS?

  • Sellers who violate the MWS terms may receive emails from Amazon. Sellers who receive the emails should follow the instructions in the emails and reply to the emails directly within 7 days, and clearly inform the following items. Amazon will further review and assist you to unlock account number.
  • For the first time, you learn how and where third-party services that help you run your Amazon business use MWS.
  • Which service providers do you use to help run an Amazon business that uses MWS (please list all service providers and provide contact information for each).
  • Descriptions of services provided by these third parties and copies of any information you view or receive (such as websites, emails, chat messages, forums, etc.).
  • For each service, please state the date (ddmmdyyy) that you started using it.
  • Please provide proof of payment (at least two months) for each service.
  • Please confirm that you have reviewed and will comply with the above MWS terms in the future.

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