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How to calculate the weight of international logistics? Use the shipping weight calculator to figure out the chargeable weight of your shipment—and avoid unexpected shipping charges.

First of all, everyone needs to understand a concept, volume and weight.

What is volumetric weight?

Volumetric weight is in the freight link of logistics. Some goods are too large but light in weight, which is what we often call dumped goods, such as foam and plastic chairs, which are large in size but not in actual weight.

In order to save costs, the courier company will charge fees according to the volume and weight of the goods that are heavier than the actual weight.

Since we want to calculate the volume, we need to know the length, width and height of the box. Everyone must know how to measure the length, width and height of a square box, but we have a question, how to measure the irregular box?

shipping weight calculator

shipping weight calculator

Irregular Box shipping weight calculator

For irregular goods, we need to support the most prominent position of each point with three planes, and then measure the length, width and height (measurement of the longest point on one side)

Shipping Weight Calculator – Costs for Various Shipping Methods

To understand a concept: RT

RT is RevenueTons, which is the general term for weight tons (W) and size tons (M). The ton is just a sign, and this ton is sometimes a unit of weight (express and air), and sometimes a unit of volume (sea).
For example, FreightCharges50usd/RT states that $50 per ton is shipped. RT is common in cargo transportation, especially sea container bulk (LCL).

How to calculate RT?

The calculation method of RT tonnage is generally to compare VolumetricWeight or DimensWeight with gross weight, which one is more common in express and air transportation, depending on the amount of freight;

Or compare the actual volume and weight, which one is bigger, and which one calculates the freight, which is very common in sea container LCL. The volume and weight calculation methods of express/air/sea freight are different for different transportation methods.


shipping weight calculator


Express shipping weight calculator

Generally speaking, the calculation method of express delivery is: volume weight = length * width * height / 5000, length and width in centimeters. If a product is 80 cm long, 50 cm wide, 60 cm high, and has a gross weight of 45 kg, volume weight = 80*50*60/5000=48 kg. Said volume ratio gross weight is calculated by volume weight (48 kilograms).

Note: express delivery is generally charged by weight, and light cargo is converted to volume weight before billing, which is different from sea freight billing by volume.

Air shipping weight calculator

Generally, the air delivery volume = length * width * height / 6000, and the length, width and height are centimeters. If a product is 80 cm long, 50 cm wide, 60 cm high, and has a gross weight of 45 kg, volume weight=80*50*60/6000=40 kg. Gross weight is calculated by gross weight (45 kg), gross weight.

Note: air freight from China to USA is generally charged by weight, light foam cargo is converted into volume weight and then charged, which is different from sea transportation by volume.


shipping weight calculator


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