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When shipping from China to usa, how can I save more money?
China is the world’s largest exporter and the world’s second largest economy. China’s main exports are electronic machinery, data processing machinery, clothing, textiles, steel, optics and medical equipment.

Refer to several quotations

Diversification of risk is always desirable. In this case, you can also get a quote by contacting multiple operators. They are responsible for the entire shipping from China.
The carrier will evaluate your offer for the carriage of goods based on the following criteria:
container tax
Terminal management fee
Freight forwarding service fee
These are just the main factors. Depending on the operator, other factors may exist. First, these fees will help you predict the cost of your consignment.

shipping from China
shipping from China

Hire a freight forwarder for shipping from China

Hire a reliable freight forwarder for shipping from China, they will handle the whole process for you, you don’t need to worry, just leave it to them.

This is one of the secrets to efficient shipping from China.

If you find a freight forwarder that specializes in shipping from China, the freight forwarder will handle all the logistical operations and documentation processes.

Some Chinese freight forwarders will organize your shipments from the consignor to the port in a timely manner, and transfer the goods to the consignee’s warehouse in the destination country.
Hiring a competitive international freight forwarder ensures that you get paid accordingly.
TIPS: Why hire a freight forwarder?
They will ensure that your operations run smoothly without unnecessary interruptions. However, in the case of an emergency, they will promptly notify the customer to resolve it in a timely manner.
Whenever you shipping from China, these professional freight forwarders can help you reduce your shipping costs.
Essentially, hiring a reliable freight forwarder will ensure that your shipping process happens faster.
This also helps you meet market demands without wasting time.

shipping from China

Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance is essential for your cargo shipping from China. This will give you a sense of security in the event of any unforeseen circumstances, such as lost or damaged products.

Obtaining competitive insurance for your entire consignment will give you a free idea of knowing that your cargo is safe.

Many third-party companies provide insurance for the cargo. Whether you are the buyer or the seller, it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that the goods are insured.

Always keep in touch with the forwarder and give them clear instructions to ensure that the specific value of the specific cargo is covered. Never assume that the freight forwarder knows the net worth of your shipment.

Again, please note that shipping is entirely yours and could cost you a lot if not insured.

It is recommended that you pay the full value of the goods in full so that in the event of an emergency, you can recover the total value of the goods. Make sure the insurance company details the liability it covers. In addition, policies in written form need to be presented.

shipping from China

What is the Best Way to shipping from China?

While its a great question, there is no universal “best way” to shipping from China. You should carefully consider the following variables:
Product and Load – what is being shipped and how big is it?
Destination – is it going to a small office or a warehouse?
Timing Requirements – do you need it the same week, or can you wait? This is a crucial consideration, especially during the Chinese holidays.

Product and Load: Some shipments, like aerosol cans and strong magnets, are very difficult to ship by air. Other products like lithium-ion batteries can be shipped via air, but the documentation required is often difficult for suppliers to provide, and can only ship via specialized aircraft.

Because of this, it is often easier to ship batteries by China sea freight.

Some products might be too heavy or too large to be shipped via air, and can only be shipped by sea or rail.

There are some situations where it would be better to ship products by air.

Products with dimensions less than 1 cubic meter are often ideal for air shipments. High-value cargo is sometimes both safer to be shipped via air and at times a requirement by China freight insurance companies.

shipping from China

Destination: End to end shipping services that most reputable China third-party logistics companies offer are capable of delivering shipments to warehouses, small commercial buildings, and residential locations.

But, there are times where it could prove to be difficult to ship a container to a location that is not equipped to unload the container. Because of this, the end destination should be considered and how the cargo will be unloaded, so the most ideal shipping plan can be defined.

In some instances, buyers may find it easier to ship smaller sized shipments via China air freight, whereas others could benefit from deconsolidation services once the cargo arrives at the port in the United States.

Timing Requirements: If cargo is needed urgently, there is no faster way than shipping by air.

For some containerized shipments going by sea, the transport time could be reduced by shipping to the West Coast, as opposed to the East Coast, and then fulfilled from truck or rail once the cargo arrives in USA.

If time is not a priority, shipping from China by ocean freight to a popular port close to the final destination, and trucking the final leg of the journey is most likely the least expensive option.

shipping from China

Why is time important? How long does it take to ship from China to the US?

Usually, it takes around 1-35 days to shipping from China to the US, depending on the shipping method chosen and the final destination of the shipment in the US.

Express is the fastest option and takes 1-5 days. It takes 2-15 days for air freight and more than 15-25 days for sea freight.As a general rule of thumb, here are the typical days it takes to shipping from China to the U.S. via various shipping methods.
1-5 days – via China Air Express
2-15 days – by air from China
15+ days – by sea from China to West Coast
25+ days – by sea from China to East Coast
Air shipping time
It may take 1-5 days for your cargos to shipping from China to the US using China Express, while it may take up to two weeks for air-shipping.
Sea shipping time:
Usually, it takes about 15 days to shipping from China to the US to the West Coast by sea, and more than 25 days to the East Coast. To learn more, check out our detailed article on sea freight from China to the US.
Beware: Coronavirus is still causing shipment delays
Unfortunately, due to the impact of the coronavirus on Chinese shipping, shipping may take significantly longer than normal at this time.
To find out if your shipment is at risk of delay, it’s best to get a quote for your next shipment so you can start planning early. Our team will reply within 24 hours (except weekends) and most importantly, we offer the best price guarantee.

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