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Shipping cost from China to the US is a very critical topic in the current global logistics market. Due to the rapid economic development of China and the US the increase in cultural and commercial exchanges between people, more and more people need to shipping from China to USA.

In this article, we’ll explore the main factors in shipping costs from China to the US and how to calculate those costs.

Sea shipping cost from China to the US

Generally speaking, the price of sea freight is relatively stable, while the price of air freight is more flexible and may fluctuate with market changes.

For sea freight from China to USA, TEU (20-foot standard container) is generally used as the unit of measurement. The cost from China to the west coast of the United States (such as Los Angeles) is about 1500-2000 US dollars per TEU, and to the east coast (such as New York) is about 2500. – Around USD 3000/TEU. These prices are for reference only, and the actual price needs to be determined according to the specific situation.


shipping cost from China to the US


Air Freight Price

For air freight, the price fluctuates greatly and is more complicated. Generally speaking, the price of air freight will be affected by factors such as seasonal demand, flight frequency, cargo weight and volume.

Air freight from China to USA generally ranges from $3-5/kg. But it should be noted that in addition to the basic freight, there may be additional charges, such as fuel surcharges, safety surcharges, etc.

First of all, it needs to be clear that the shipping cost from China to the US is not a fixed figure, but determined by multiple factors.

Mode of transport

The logistics and transportation methods between China and the United States mainly include air, sea and land transportation. Among them, air transportation is the fastest way, but the cost is relatively high; sea transportation is the most commonly used method, and the cost is relatively low; and land transportation is mainly suitable for logistics transportation between neighboring countries, so it is not commonly used between China and USA .

Transport distance

The transportation distance is one of the important factors affecting the shipping cost from China to the US. Generally, the farther the transportation distance is, the higher the freight will be.


shipping cost from China to the US


Cargo weight and volume

The weight and volume of the goods are also one of the important factors affecting the freight. Typically, the greater the weight and volume of the shipment, the higher the shipping cost from China to the US.

Shipping time

Shipping time is also one of the factors that affect shipping costs. Generally speaking, the shorter the time, the higher the shipping cost.

Influencing factors of shipping cost from China to the US

Fuel price

Fuel prices are an important factor affecting freight rates, especially in ocean freight. The rise in fuel prices will directly lead to increases in freight costs, so fluctuations in fuel prices are also an important reason for fluctuations in logistics and transportation costs between China and the United States.

Labor costs

Labor cost is also an important factor affecting freight. In the process of transportation between China and the United States, a lot of human resources are required to participate in it, including loading and unloading, transportation, insurance and other links, which consume a lot of human resources and funds.

Cargo type

Different types of goods have different requirements for logistics and transportation, and have different impacts on freight charges. For example, shipping costs for fragile or dangerous goods will generally be higher.

Shipping time and services

The special services and shipping timeliness provided by some logistics service providers will also have an impact on shipping cost from China to the US. For example, expedited shipping, insurance, custom services, etc.


shipping cost from China to the US

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