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When you ask the freight forwarding company for the air freight to USA price, they will usually give you a rate of AIR FREIGHT for ALL IN, which includes fuel surcharges, security check fees, airport operating fees, document fees and customs clearance fees. 

Air Freight from China to USA

Advantages of air freight

  • Faster delivery time when shipping by air
  • Ideal for time sensitive cargo
  • Reliable courier service
  • Usually comes with premium shipping insurance

air freight to USA price

Disadvantages of air freight

  • More expensive than sea freight
  • Not suitable for heavier cargo as it is more expensive
  • Air planes cannot carry as much weight as sea containers
  • Shipping method depending on the weather
  • Duties and VAT are more expensive

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Elements of air freight to USA price

  1. The name of the goods (whether it is dangerous goods),
  2. Weight (involving costs), volume (dimensions and whether the goods are wet),
  3. Packing (whether it is a wooden box or not, with or without a pallet)
  4. Destination airport (base point),
  5. Find the time (go straight or turn),
  6. Required flights (service and price differences for each flight),
  7. Bill of lading type (main bill of lading and sub-bill of lading)
  8. Required transportation services (customs declaration, agency documents, customs clearance and delivery, etc.)

air freight to USA price

How to calculate air freight to USA price

Actual Weight vs Volumetric Weight

The air freight to USA price is calculated by first determining the actual and dimensional weight of the shipment. The airline will take the larger of the two to calculate the chargeable weight.

How to calculate the volumetric weight of air freight? This is a question we are often asked.

Actual weight

Actual weight is calculated in the same way as Air Express. Actual weight, also known as gross weight, is the total weight of the goods.

Volume and weight

The volumetric weight of air cargo is calculated using one of the following two methods:

LWH/6000: volumetric weight formula:

The first multiplies the carton size and divides by 6,000,

For example, the length of the four sides of the air carton is 90cm, then multiply 90*90*90 by 6000. This would give a total volumetric weight of 121.5kg for air freight.
CMB*167: volumetric weight formula:

Another way to calculate this is to multiply the total cubic volume by 167. Continuing with the example of a carton with six 90 cm sides, the cubic volume is 0.729 cubic meters.
If we multiply 0.729m3 by 167, the total volumetric weight is 121.7kg.

air freight to USA price

Air freight to USA price Types and Freight Rates

Freight rate

The cost for the carrier to transport the goods to the specified weight unit (or volume) is called the freight rate. Please note that the cost of shipping does not include surcharges imposed by the carrier, agent or airport.

4 common air freight charges for bulky items

  • Ordinary shipping rates;
  • Freight rates for special goods or designated goods;
  • Class shipping rate;
  • Container shipping rates.

How to save on air freight to USA price

When packing, pay attention to the placement of goods and the use of space to achieve reasonable loading. Especially for pallet goods, the size of the outer box must be planned before packaging.

If the goods include heavy goods and light goods, try to ship them together, and try to combine the boxes without overweight or oversize, which can reduce some shipping costs.

When inquiring with the freight forwarder, inform you of the type of goods and the required arrival time, so that it is more convenient for the freight forwarder to provide more accurate and high-quality air freight to USA price that meet your requirements.

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