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What is the sea freight forwarder to USA ?

Ocean freight from China to USA is a very common way. Sea freight forwarder to USA) refers to the person who accepts the entrustment of the consignor and handles the customs declaration, handover, warehousing, allocation, inspection, packaging, packing, transshipment, booking, etc. people.

Sea freight forwarder to USA belong to a category of international freight forwarders.

sea freight forwarder to USA

What can an sea freight forwarder to USA do for me?

1. With the fastest and most economical transportation method, arrange suitable packaging of goods and choose the transportation route of the goods.

2. Select a reliable and efficient carrier and be responsible for concluding a contract of carriage.

3. Arrange the weighing and measurement of goods.

4.For cargo insurance.

5,.The assembly of goods.

6. Warehousing the goods before shipment or distribution at the destination.

7. Arrange the transportation of the goods to the port, go through customs and related documents, and deliver the goods to the carrier.

8. On behalf of the shipper/importer, pay the freight, customs duties and taxes.

In addition, it also includes: serving customs, serving carriers, serving airlines, serving liner companies, providing LCL services, multimodal transport services, etc.

sea freight forwarder to USA

Do I need to find a sea freight forwarder to USA ?

If you are still hesitating to find a sea freight forwarder to USA at this time, take a look at these reasons. A good shipping agent to the US can bring you these…  

Competitive price

Sea freight forwarder to USA have worked in the industry for many years, with long-term contracts with well-known carriers; large volumes of cargo are delivered every year…all of which contribute to our competitive prices.

On time delivery

Deadlines are important in this business world. That’s why we only work with trusted and reliable carriers to ensure your shipments arrive on time, on time, and safely, every time.
Conducive to the development of the core business of the enterprise

Focus on business

For non-logistics companies, it is difficult to do everything in logistics. Therefore, enterprises should concentrate on the business they are familiar with, allocate resources to the core business, concentrate on the core business, improve the competitiveness of the enterprise, and leave auxiliary functions such as logistics to more professional freight forwarding companies.

Cut costs

Sea freight forwarder to USA can meet these needs in a fast and cost-effective way that would otherwise be difficult for manufacturers alone.

sea freight forwarder to USA

Benefit maximization

If a company builds its own warehouses and network facilities, it requires huge investment capital and cannot make profits in the short term. This will be a heavy economic burden for enterprises that lack funds, especially small and medium-sized enterprises.

However, if the freight forwarder is used, it will not only reduce the capital occupied by inventory and the investment of fixed capital, realize the rational use of resources, but also obtain a competitive advantage in the same industry.

Improve the competitiveness of enterprises

International freight forwarders and various logistics enterprises form alliances, learn from each other’s logistics management experience, and improve their own management level and service quality. It is conducive to realizing economies of scale and enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises.

sea freight forwarder to USA

How to find the right sea freight forwarder to USA ?

A reliable sea freight forwarder to USA needs to meet the following conditions


What is the definition of “reliable freight forwarding company“? In my opinion, a logistics company with stable service, accurate commitment, and professionalism can be regarded as a “reliable” logistics company.


Many things can be preliminarily judged from the conversations of business people, such as whether the communication is smooth, whether they can answer patiently, and whether they are familiar with their products. A good forwarder can reduce a lot of trouble and risk by experience.

Price and Time

Prices on the market are relatively transparent now. If you compare several companies, you will find that the price difference is nothing more than a different channel that each company excels at.

Of course, the price is only one aspect. The international express delivery time is well controlled, but the price is very expensive. The choice of freight forwarding or on-demand choice mainly depends on the professionalism of service and handling.


No matter how good it is, it’s useless to say it. Only try it once to know if the shipping process is professional.

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