LCL Express To The US | Instructions And Advantages

LCL express is the abbreviation of ocean express delivery, that is, the front-end transportation of goods (origin and destination ports) by sea, after arriving at the port of destination will no longer use the sea, and turn to the use of UPS, Fedex and other commercial courier for the end of the delivery, which will be sent to the Amazon warehouse.

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LCL express process

  1. Booking, determine the pickup address, cargo name, weight, volume, cabinet type, cabinet volume, destination, shipment time.
  2. Loading, according to determine the time to arrange pickup, loading, loading and fumigation and other matters.
  3. Customs declaration, according to the packing list of goods, relevant information and invoice for customs clearance for export.
  4. Check the material, after the customs clearance to the shipping company’s replenishment, make a single, check the bill of lading information is correct.
  5. Customs clearance, a few days before the arrival of goods in the local customs system to submit the packing list, invoices, certificates of origin, relevant documents for customs clearance.
  6. Payment of tax, follow up the information of customs system to calculate the corresponding tariff, and arrange to pay the tax after confirming the correctness of the information.
  7. Pickup and delivery, arrange pickup after customs clearance, if the whole container directly arrange the truck to deliver the goods to the consignee’s designated address. If it is a consolidated bulk cargo, it is first mentioned in the warehouse unpacking, and then arrange express delivery to the consignee’s designated address.


LCL Express


The difference between LCL truck and LCL express

Simply put, the biggest difference between the two lies in: Haika’s end delivery uses trucks for delivery, while LCL express’s end delivery is responsible for the delivery of commercial courier. Specifically, they also have the following differences:

There are more LCL truck contents:

LCL Truck To The US | Instructions And Advantages

Shipping time

LCL truck delivery efficiency is low, while LCL express’s delivery efficiency is relatively high.

From the overall timeliness, take the cross-border good luck platform U.S. line Mason positive shipping historical data as an example, the average timeliness of the LCL truck is about 20-25 days, while the LCL express timeliness is about 18-21 days, and the difference between the two timeliness can be up to one week maximum interval, the gap is obvious.


Haika and LCL express only a word difference, but to enter the Amazon warehouse, there is a big difference: LCL truck delivery need to make an appointment to enter the warehouse, but LCL express delivery is not required to make an appointment to enter the warehouse.

So it can be understood that the end of the express delivery has a higher priority, the process will be more seamless, burst warehouse congestion peak season, this point can also open the time gap!


bulk cargo shipping


Delivery range

Generally speaking, the LCL truck can only be sent to the Amazon warehouse, but LCL express in addition to the Amazon warehouse, can also be sent to other places specified by the buyer, such as overseas warehouse or other remote transit address.

Billing method

There is an obvious difference between LCL truck and LCL express in the billing method, LCL truck calculates the shipping fee according to the cubic meter of the goods, that is, according to the volume, while LCL express adopts KG billing, that is, according to the actual weight or volume of the goods, which is the same as the other cross-border e-commerce logistics methods.

Freight price difference

By the difference in time, it is not difficult to understand, obviously LCL express in the service, time, the end of the delivery capacity will be better than Haika, so LCL express price will be higher than LCL truck, after all, a penny a penny in the commercial market is the invariable truth. Also take the price of the current U.S. line Mason regular ship as an example, the price of the LCL truck in 1-1.5 U.S. dollars / KG, the price of LCL express in 1-2 U.S. dollars / KG.


Multimodal transport


Choose sea card or LCL express?

Based on the above points of the difference between LCL truck/LCL express, it is not difficult to summarize that LCL express is fast and efficient, more suitable for cross-border e-commerce sellers to send small pieces of goods, the billing unit is small, and it is more friendly to sellers. The LCL truck is suitable for large billing unit, large volume of large cargo export use.

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