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There is a Chinese proverb “hasty men don’t get eat hot tofu”. Amazon sellers should never blindly rush to ship, Amazon FBA product preparation is essential.

Best practices for FBA product preparation

Understand the product demand

before preparing the goods, through market research and sales data analysis, understand the demand for the product. Determine the popularity and sales potential of the product.

Planning inventory levels

Based on the sales rate and expected demand for the product, develop a reasonable inventory planning. Consider factors such as seasonal changes in sales and promotional activities.


FBA product preparation


Find reliable suppliers

Establish cooperative relationships with reliable suppliers to ensure that goods can be obtained on time. When choosing suppliers, consider factors such as quality, price, and delivery time.

Regular replenishment

Monitor inventory levels and make timely replenishments to avoid insufficient or out-of-stock situations. Develop a reasonable replenishment plan based on sales data and replenishment cycles.

Optimize shipping methods

Choose the appropriate shipping method to balance the relationship between cost and speed. Amazon provides a variety of transportation options, such as sea freight, air freight and express delivery.

Regular review and adjustment

Regularly review sales data and inventory status, adjust and optimize the stocking strategy according to changes in demand.

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FBA product preparation

Amazon FBA has efficient FBA product inspection and quality control for cargo packaging and labeling. So you must pay attention to meet the requirements when packing goods, otherwise you may face rejection or bear losses.

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Amazon FBA Product Preparation – Labeling Guidelines, Barcodes and SKUs

National Label

The national label is generally 4CM square, FBA products need to stick two national labels in the upper right corner of the narrow side of each box.

Product SKU label

Product SKU label is a unique identification of a product, Amazon is not recognize the code. So be sure to double-check to avoid mislabeling, once the wrong SKU code, Amazon will help you replace it will be very expensive.

FBA Label

FBA Label label is the Amazon warehouse receipt of goods to confirm the goods of the outer box identification. Sticked on the packaging of the product, because this is a proof of identity of the product, so inbound and outbound are relying on this.

Made in China label

Products exported from China must be labeled Made in China, the outer box and each product should be labeled “MADE IN CHINA”, otherwise it will be detained by the local customs and returned.

Overweight label

Amazon regulations, a single box of parcels can not exceed 30 kilograms, if a single box of parcels more than 15 kilograms need to be affixed with a “Team Lift” label.

Store operation is a process that requires care and patience, from the shelves of the product, FBA product stocking, to attract traffic conversion, and then later data analysis, are required to continue to do things.

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About FBA Product Preparation More detailed knowledge is in the video, check it out:

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