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U.S. LCL+Truck is a kind of FBA logistics method based on sea freight, which is characterized by the use of sea freight at the front end, and the use of trucks at the tail end to send to the Amazon warehouse in the U.S. The advantage of US FBA  LCL truckis affordable, suitable for large quantities, large volume, the time limit requirements of the product is not too high.

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US FBA LCL truck process

  1. Sellers will pack the goods, labeled with FBA, the system under the order to print the delivery note, called cargo LCL to the logistics company.
  2.  The logistics company will load the goods into the container, customs clearance, transport to the port, loading and shipping.
  3. After 10-15 days of sea transportation, the goods arrive at the western port of the United States, customs clearance, pick up the container, dismantle the container, playing board and other operations.
  4. The logistics company arranges trucks to send the goods to the designated FBA warehouse, providing POD (signed receipt).

Sellers in the Amazon background tracking goods into the warehouse, complete the headway logistics.


FBA LCL truck


US FBA LCL truck’s shipping cost

There are generally two ways to calculate the shipping cost of sea truck

One is charged by volume (CBM) and the other is charged by weight (KG).

Different logistics companies and channels may have different quotes and rules, so sellers need to consult and compare in advance.

Charge by Volume

Generally there is a requirement of starting volume, such as 1 CBM or 2 CBM, if the volume of goods is not enough for the starting volume, the shipping fee should be calculated according to the starting volume. If the volume of goods is less than the starting volume, the shipping fee will be calculated according to the starting volume. The volume-based sea card is generally not tax-paid, and the seller needs to bear the tax and other costs at the destination port, such as inspection fees, overtime charges, etc.

Charge by weight

Generally double clearing and tax inclusive, that is to say, the shipping fee has already included the tax and other costs of the destination port, the seller does not need to pay extra.
There is no requirement of starting quantity for weight-based Haika, as long as it meets the minimum chargeable weight, such as 50KG or 100KG, if the weight of the goods is not enough for the minimum chargeable weight, the shipping fee will be calculated according to the weight of the minimum chargeable weight.

Generally speaking, the sea truck charging by weight is more convenient and simple than the sea truck charging by volume, but it also depends on the volume to weight ratio of the specific goods, as well as the offer of the logistics company and the quality of service, the seller needs to choose the appropriate sea truck according to their own actual situation.


FBA LCL truck


US FBA LCL truck Vs. LCL express

Disadvantages of LCL express

For example, the price is high, the freight is usually charged by weight (KG), which is more expensive than sea truck.
The timeliness is also not very stable, especially in the epidemic and peak season, the delivery of express delivery may be delayed, burst, lost pieces and other problems, resulting in the goods can not be timely into the warehouse, affecting the seller’s sales and evaluation.

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Advantages of US FBA LCL truck

Compared with US FBA LCL truck, the price of US FBA LCL truck is low, and the shipping fee is usually charged by volume (CBM) or weight (KG), which is much cheaper than sea delivery.
US FBA LCL truck timeliness is also more stable, especially in the epidemic and peak season, the truck delivery will not be affected too much, which can ensure that the goods are in the warehouse on time and improve the seller’s inventory turnover and profitability.

Therefore, for products with large volume, large size and low time requirement, sea truck is a better choice, which can save logistics cost, improve logistics efficiency and reduce logistics risk.


bulk cargo shipping


Timeliness of US FBA LCL truck

The time limit of US FBA LCL truck mainly depends on two aspects, one is the sea transportation time and the other is the truck delivery time. The shipping time for the first trip is generally 10-15 days, and the truck delivery time for the last trip is generally 1-13 days, depending on the location of the FBA warehouse at the destination and the delivery schedule of the logistics company.

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