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When you need to ship from China to the US, you need to estimate the volume and weight of the goods yourself. It is very important to measure the weight of the goods, detailed dimensions and CBM calculator before the goods are booked for shipment.

What is CBM?

CBM is the abbreviation of English cubic meter. If it is shipping from China to USA, it needs to use a container, also known as a container. The type of container is different, and the size of the things in it is also different.

Sea freight KG to CBM

For sea freight pricing, one ton or 1000 kg is equivalent to 1 cubic meter. This makes CBM calculator for LCL shipments fairly simple. For quick reference, here’s a handy chart for converting kg to CBM for ocean freight:

1 Kilogram = 0.001 Cubic Meter

10 Kilograms = 0.01 Cubic Meter

50 Kilograms = 0.05 Cubic Meters

100 Kilograms = 0.1 Cubic Meter

200 Kilograms = 0.2 Cubic Meters

500 Kilograms = 0.5 Cubic Meters

1000 Kilograms = 1 Cubic Meter

CBM Calculator

CBM calculator


CBM calculator

Calculating CBM is actually calculating volume. The calculation formula is: length x width x height (note the unit).

Example: The carton specification is: length 400mm, width 350mm, height 280, the total number of boxes is: 250CTNS
Calculation method: 0.40X0.35X0.28X250=9.8CBM

For more information on how to calculate transportation costs, read this article:

Shipping Weight Calculator | Useful Tool

FCL shipping aslo according to the CBM calculator to determine what type of box booking.


Goods only 8CBM, and is a carton package of general cargo, foreign trade newcomers booked a 20GP, just met the forwarder single is also a novice, according to the booking of the shipper also booked a small cabinet, and so on the goods loaded, the information sent to the destination port customer only to find out that a lot of additional costs.

Originally, this volume, as long as the booking of shipping LCL can be.
Of course, if it is a special cargo is another matter, such as overweight goods, such as can not be stacked with other goods.

Sometimes not only based on the CBM calculator, but also depends on the packaging specifications of a single piece of cargo, especially air cargo, because the aircraft’s belly compartment space is limited to the size of the requirements are very high, especially the single-aisle narrow-body aircraft, the size of the cargo is too large (too long, too wide, or too high) can not be loaded into it.

Some special cargo specifications length, width and height exceed, be sure to provide data early, according to the actual data to design the shipping program, arrange the appropriate means of transport, this time, there may be 8CBM goods may also want to order 40HQ.


storage charges

CBM calculator



A: Why is the result of CBM usually displayed under Measurement on the bill of lading?
Measurement refers to the measured size, which is the volume parameter obtained through the above calculation formula.

B: Is it important to provide piece weight PKGS/KGS/CBM when booking space?
Of course it is important. Because the volume and weight are related to many aspects such as space arrangement, quotation, safety, and cabinet placement.

For FCL FCL by sea, it is necessary to determine what type of box to order according to the number of CBM.

Case: The goods are only 8CBM, and they are ordinary goods packed in cartons. A novice foreign trader ordered a 20GP container. He happened to meet a freight forwarder who is also a novice. He also ordered a small container according to the shipper’s order. After the goods are loaded, send the information It was only after receiving the goods that many additional costs were incurred.


CBM Calculator

CBM calculator


In fact, the volume of this batch of goods can be accommodated by sea freight LCL.
Of course, it is a different matter if it is a special cargo, such as overweight cargo, such as cannot be stacked with other cargo.

Calculator Related video:


Sometimes you can’t just look at the CBM, but also look at the packaging specifications of a single piece of goods. Especially for air freight, because the belly compartment space of the aircraft is limited, the size requirements are very high, especially for single-aisle narrow-body aircraft, cargo that is too large (too long, too wide, or too high) cannot be loaded at all.

For some special goods whose specifications exceed the length, width and height, it is necessary to provide the data in advance, design the shipping plan according to the actual data, and arrange the appropriate means of transportation. At this time, it is possible that 8CBM goods may also need to order 40HQ containers.

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