Amazon Vine Program | How To Get Reviews Compliantly?

Amazon launched the official tool to get reviews: the Amazon Vine Program, which is what the industry calls vine green label. As we all know, Amazon Vine Program is a review management tool that Amazon opens to brand sellers to legally and compliantly help sellers get some reviews for their items.

The Amazon vine program is a program where Amazon Vine reviewers (also known as Vine Voice, Vine spokespersons) are selected by Amazon to pick up and try out free products offered by branded sellers and provide sellers with authentic and reliable reviews.


Amazon Vine Program


If you want to know more about it, click on Amazon Seller Center.

Amazon Vine Program price range

  •  $0 (new range): Up to 2 products registered per parent ASIN and up to 2 free Amazon Vine reviews.
  •  $75(New range): Register up to 10 items per parent ASIN and get up to 10 Amazon Vine reviews.
  •  $200 (existing range): Up to 30 registrations and up to 30 Amazon Vine Reviews per parent ASIN.

The new fee range only applies to items registered for the program on or after October 19th.After an ASIN completes its registration, it will not be possible to update it to a different range or add child ASINs.

If you don’t want to just read these text interpretations, you can click on the video below to help you understand more quickly about the Amazon Vine Program:



Check out this article if you want to learn more about Amazon ASIN:

Create a New Amazon ASIN Number 

Steps to get reviews with Amazon vine program

Understanding the Vine Program

First, understand the basics and requirements of the Vine Program.The Vine Program is an official Amazon program designed to encourage some trusted customers to write honest and objective product reviews by offering them free or discounted products.



Preparing products to participate in the Vine program

Check if your products meet the requirements of the Vine program. Amazon has some restrictions on products participating in the Vine program, such as they must be new, have enough inventory on Amazon, etc. Make sure your products meet these requirements and are ready for participation in the Vine program.

Create a Vine Program Report

Create a Amazon vine program report through Amazon Seller Central. This report will include detailed information about the products you wish to participate in the Vine program, such as ASIN, product description, and selling price.

Submit Vine Program Report

Submit the Vine Program Report to Amazon. Amazon will review your report and include your products in the Vine program after approval.

Send Product to Vine Program Participants

Once your product is accepted, Amazon will send your product to Amazon vine program Participants. These participants are trusted consumers who have been screened by Amazon and will receive your product and write reviews accordingly.

Get Vine Program Reviews

Once Vine Program participants receive and use your product, they will write reviews on Amazon. These reviews are based on their real experiences and opinions of the product and can provide valuable feedback and ratings.

The Vine program does not guarantee that you will receive a positive review. The purpose of this program is to provide a compliant way to get honest, objective product reviews, not to guarantee positive reviews. Amazon encourages Vine Program participants to provide honest opinions and reviews, both positive and negative.

In addition, Amazon has certain rules and restrictions on Vine Program reviews. Make sure that you understand and comply with these regulations to ensure that your review acquisition activities are in compliance with Amazon’s requirements and policies.


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