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Why do many sellers doing cross-border e-commerce choose Amazon Logistics FBA service? It’s because of Amazon FBA tips.
All along, logistics and inventory are the key to ensure sales. If these two things are taken care of, sellers can focus on the sale and promotion of goods, and it is not difficult to increase sales.

Through Amazon FBA tips, sellers not only save their own labor, but also bring a better experience to the end consumers, thus increasing their goods sales.

3 major Amazon FBA tips!

FBA full responsibility

In the past, you did distribution and customer service, it was hard to work day and night, but who let you not find FBA help?
With the service of FBA, you only need to send your goods to the Amazon operation center, and Amazon can complete the warehousing, sorting, packaging, distribution, collection and returns for you, saving your labor costs.


Amazon FBA tips

Amazon FBA tips


Amazon also provides 7*24 hours professional customer service for customers who buy your goods. These services free you from the tediousness of delivery and after-sales to focus on your products and other operational aspects.

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Tips For Choosing The Best Amazon FBA Shipping

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Merchandise becomes superstar in seconds

The exposure of goods will directly affect the sales, but where does the exposure come from? Well, products using “Amazon Logistics” can have more opportunities to participate in various promotional activities, so as to show to the customers on

Moreover, by using “Amazon Logistics”, Amazon Prime members will be able to see your products and enjoy free shipping on these products.


FBA supports a flexible payment model – there are no minimum fees, setup fees or monthly fees. You only need to pay for the storage and order delivery service fee for using Amazon Logistics goods.


Amazon FBA tips


Play with the “unspoken rules” of FBA

FBA is so good, but how do you turn it on and make it work for your sales? As the saying goes, there is no happiness without force. Therefore, the key to using FBA is to choose the right “preferred and appropriate” logistics program.

Amazon sellers from all over the world, each with their own style, so Amazon gives a variety of logistics solutions, so many programs, choose a suitable for you should not be difficult.


If you don’t want to just read these text interpretations, you can click on the video below to help you understand more quickly about the Amazon FBA tips:


North America Amazon logistics program

Amazon logistics standard plan:

Applicable to merchandise size less than or equal to 150 pounds, the longest side does not exceed 108 inches, and the longest side plus circumference does not exceed 165 inches.

Amazon Logistics Light Small Merchandise Program

In addition to the Amazon Standard Logistics program available above for light and small items, you can also choose the Amazon Logistics Light Small Item Program, which is a delivery solution for light and small items with fast inventory turnover, typically priced below $15, include outer packaging, and have dimensions up to 16 * 9 * 4 inches, and weigh no more than 15 ounces.

Items enrolled in the Amazon Logistics Light Small Goods program enjoy Prime labeling and are displayed to Prime customers.

If you want to know more about it, click on Amazon Seller Center.


Amazon Operating Costs

Amazon FBA tips


Amazon Logistics Program in Europe

Amazon Logistics consolidation service Pan-European FBA:

You ship your items to an Amazon European Operations Center in any of the five European countries of your choice, and we distribute the items to the individual European Operations Centers so that they are stored as close to the customer as possible, and you can take advantage of this service at no additional cost to you.

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