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Choosing the right freight forwarders from China is very important for your import business from China.It can ensure the safety of the goods and reach the destination in time, and it can also reduce logistics costs and improve transportation efficiency.

How to find the perfect freight forwarders from China

Step 1: Collect freight forwarding information

Mainly through the following ways:

1. Publish information on the Internet to attract relevant freight forwarding companies to take the initiative to contact;

2. Log in to various foreign trade forums such as FOB Forum, communicate with forum personnel, and understand the advantages and disadvantages of each freight forwarder

3. Use Google, Yahoo and other search engines to enter keywords to understand freight forwarding information;

4. Understand the freight forwarding information through the introduction of friends.

 Freight Forwarders From China

Step 2: Screening Forwarders

After collecting the relevant information of the freight forwarders from China, the business personnel will conduct a preliminary screening, mainly from four aspects: background qualification, advantageous route, shipping price, and service level:

Background qualification

(1) Obtain a business license and tax registration, verify business qualifications, and go to the enterprise site to learn about the business scale and professional status of personnel.

(2) Check the credit status of the enterprise from the Municipal Freight Forwarding Association and the Industrial and Commercial Credit Network, and request relevant credit documents.

(3) Understand the basic situation of the fleet, storage yard, warehouse, customs broker, and shipowner that the company has cooperated with for a long time, and obtain the integrity record of the company.

What can freight forwarders from China bring to enterprises?

1. Provide line optimization

One of the biggest advantages of a freight forwarder is that it has multiple international dedicated lines without limitation, from which it can determine the best cargo transportation route, reduce transportation time, and choose the best transportation rate.

At the same time, it is possible to book appropriate space for cargo transportation, choose the best route for timely delivery of goods, determine the transportation schedule according to the needs of customers, and negotiate the affordable price with the carrier.

freight forwarders from China

2. Possess rich experience and professional knowledge in logistics

Freight forwarders from China specialize in handling the highs and lows of international express delivery and are able to handle all procedures from start to finish with maximum efficiency, resolving multiple shipping issues such as port shutdowns, cargo diversions, natural disasters, customs, etc. without affecting the movement of goods.

3. Increase on-time delivery

Choosing a professional freight forwarders from China can better foresee the congestion and labor conflicts from sea or air to the port, so as to take effective substitute measures to avoid, complete the transportation with maximum flexibility, and ensure on-time delivery.

4. Extensive shipment tracking

With a full logistics tracking system, businesses can rely on freight forwarders to track shipments throughout their voyage, and even draw up a schedule of when they plan to arrive.
This way, businesses can focus on their next deliverables, while also keeping track of how far the shipment is from its final destination.

freight forwarders from China

5. Provide powerful storage

Agile and responsive inventory management is offered by many freight forwarders who store, pack, and distribute goods in one go based on customer requirements.

Ultimately, research is crucial when you are choosing the right forwarder for shipping from China to USA. Please take your time and don’t rush into a decision.

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