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Shipping goods from a supplier to an Amazon FBA warehouse can be a long and complicated process. If you also have to divide your mind a lot to deal with the shipping business, then you may not be able to focus on other important things, and this is the time when freight forwarder for Amazon FBA comes into play.

4 points for choosing the best Amazon FBA freight forwarder 

1, the size of the company, the general scale of the larger companies, is more secure;

2, transport time, this mainly depends on whether your goods can be delivered in a timely manner, especially in the peak sales season

3, transportation costs, logistics as one of the main costs of the seller, if there is a price advantage, you can naturally save a lot of logistics costs;

4, service attitude, if you encounter problems, freight forwarding service is not good, then it is possible to lead to unnecessary losses.

freight forwarder for Amazon FBA

freight forwarder for Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA shipping cost accounting details

By volume algorithm: (unit volume freight × total volume of goods) / total number of pieces of goods = single product headway costs

According to the weight algorithm: (unit weight freight × total weight of goods) / total number of pieces of goods = single product headway cost

1. If it is a large piece of general take the sea is more cost-effective, can take the whole container as far as possible to take the whole container, LCL words – general 2 cubic meters from the receipt of goods

2. Take the air freight, then the time is fast, but the price is high, generally suitable for small volume, high customer unit price products.

3. Different modes of transport conversion factors are different. Such as: air transport conversion system is generally 1:167, that is, a cubic meter (CBM) is about 167 kg; sea transport conversion factor – generally 1:500 or 1:1000, that is, a cubic meter is equal to 500 kg or 1000 kg.

freight forwarder for Amazon FBA

freight forwarder for Amazon FBA

Freight forwarder for Amazon FBA additional cost issues

1. Customs inspection including port of origin inspection or port of destination inspection, the port of destination inspection costs are relatively high

2. Ocean freight demurrage terminal storage fee

3. Destination port transit warehouse storage fees and other booking time

4. Delivery warehouse standby time charge

5. Additional charges for rejected shipments

Control of additional costs is an effective way to save freight forwarding costs, all parties try to communicate more, in the case of unavoidable, for the smallest loss.

Why we suggest you consider at least 3 freight forwarders

1, compare the price of the same route

Not all freight forwarders are first-class agents, so the price will be different.

In addition, different channels prices will also vary, the speed of transport may be about the same, but the price quoted by different freight forwarder for Amazon FBA may not be the same. Therefore, before we ship, we must calculate the best price, especially before sending to a new market.

2, compare the same route of the time efficiency

Different freight forwarder for Amazon FBA have different logistics resources at their disposal, so it also causes the difference in time efficiency. Whether our own needs are fast or slow, we must know in advance the different freight forwarders different channels of the time, so that we can be prepared, when we need to use can be calm.

freight forwarder for Amazon FBA

freight forwarder for Amazon FBA

3, compare the customs clearance capacity of different freight forwarders

Especially for European countries, the customs clearance capacity of the freight forwarder is particularly important. European countries are much stricter than the United States on this piece of customs clearance, so from time to time there are problems with goods can not be cleared.

4、Compare the billing period given by different freight forwarders

When the price, timeliness and customs clearance capacity are similar, we also need to compare the billing period that the freight forwarder can give.

Choosing an Excellent FBA Amazon Ocean Freight Forwarder-Xiongda

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