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FBA Amazon Ocean Freight refers to the logistics method of transporting goods directly from the starting port in China or other countries to the FBA warehouse in the United States by ocean freight.

Compared with other logistics methods, FBA ocean shipping has the advantages of lower cost and higher efficiency, and also saves time and energy for merchants.


Amazon ocean freight

Amazon ocean freight


Amazon Ocean Freight FCL advantages

  • Lower cost, compared to air transportation and express delivery and other methods, FBA ocean freight is more affordable;
  • High efficiency, compared to ocean freight forwarding and other methods of multiple transshipments, FBA ocean shipping is more efficient;
  • Reduce cargo loss and risk, FBA ocean shipping can provide insurance services during transportation, reducing cargo loss and risk.

How to choose the right FBA Amazon ocean freight forwarder?

Choosing the right FBA ocean shipping service provider requires comprehensive consideration of many factors, including transportation time, transportation cost, service quality, insurance arrangements, warehousing services and other aspects. Merchants can choose the right service provider by referring to word of mouth and consulting logistics agencies.

Refer to word-of-mouth and evaluation

Merchants can search, consult other merchants, etc., to understand the reputation and evaluation of FBA shipping service providers, and choose service providers with good reputation and word of mouth.


Freight All Kinds

Amazon ocean freight


Consider service quality and experience

Merchants can choose service providers with rich transportation experience and high degree of professionalism to ensure that the goods can be safely and quickly transported to the destination, and also need to pay attention to the service provider’s transportation capacity, service quality and other aspects.

Compare prices and quotes

Merchants need to compare and analyze the prices and quotations of different FBA shipping service providers and choose a relatively reasonable service provider. It should be noted that the low price does not necessarily mean that the quality is good, merchants need to combine with other factors for comprehensive consideration.

Understand the service content and process

Merchants need to understand the service content and process of FBA shipping service providers, including cargo loading, customs clearance, delivery to the FBA warehouse and other links to ensure that the service provider can provide the required services, while avoiding logistics problems and accidents.

Confirm the qualification and insurance of the service provider

Merchants need to confirm whether the service provider has the relevant qualifications and insurance to ensure the safety of the goods and the risk control of the transportation process.


Amazon ocean freight

Amazon ocean freight


Communicate with the service provider

Merchants in the choice of FBA shipping service providers, need to fully communicate with the service provider to understand the details of the service and precautions, and timely communication and resolution of problems that may arise.

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