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Which products sell well in spring and summer? Which products will have peak sales in the end of autumn and winter? Which products are hot all year round?The deep guide of Amazon Sports Product Selection to help you quickly position.

  1. The recommendation index takes into account several parameters, including category in site capacity, growth rate, Chinese seller penetration, penetration rate, etc. The higher the star rating, the more recommended.
  2. Competition index takes into account the penetration rate of Chinese sellers, the higher the star rating the lower the level of competition and the more recommended access;
    The heat index considers the sales growth rate in the past specific time period, the higher the star rating the faster the growth rate.

Amazon sports product selection

Amazon sports product selection


Hot sub-categories of indoor Amazon sports product selection


Product example: dynamic bicycle, treadmill, jump rope

Consumer concerns

the range of adjustable strength, sturdiness, whether easy to install, product size and weight, jump rope handle material, size, weight, comfort and grip, the length of the rope can be adjusted and durable.

Advice to sellers

  • The product should have a large enough adjustable strength/length range to accommodate different levels of exercisers. The product should be strong enough, if the product goes wrong when the consumer runs/jumps at high speed, the consequences are serious.
  • The product needs to be considered both in terms of package size and whether it is easy for consumers to install. If it is aimed at single rental consumers, compact size products may be more popular. Jump rope products handle to have friction, consumers sweat is easy to hold the handle, causing injury.
  • Jump rope products should consider the weight, easy for consumers to carry, and will not add extra weight when jumping.

 Hot selling site:USA, Europe


Amazon sports product selection

Amazon sports product selection


Anaerobic/stretching exercise

Product examples: fitness mats, yoga mats, fitness bars, tension bands

Consumer concerns

whether the product is strong and safe, waterproof and non-slip, soft, comfortable and durable material, moderate size and thickness, easy storage and storage.

Suggestions for sellers

  •  Tension bands, fitness mats that can be folded are Chinese sellers do less categories. But North Americans ten always have the habit of fitness, the epidemic has made more people who love sports choose to work out at home. Therefore, whether the product is safe and solid and can be used at home is the key.
  • Products must be waterproof and non-slip, if the consumer use when sliding, will cause injury to consumers. The product size is moderate, will not take up too much space. Soft and durable material is also one of the factors to consider, soft material can reduce the movement of the body injury.

Hot site: United States  Amazon sports product selection


Amazon sports product selection

Amazon sports product selection


Tips for operating in Amazon Sports Product Selection

What are the advantages of the Amazon Sports Product?

Most of the sports and outdoor products are based on the needs arising from the application scenarios (such as soccer, skiing, hiking, camping, etc.), and these scenarios are often common all over the world, therefore, the products are globally universal and suitable for discovering global best-selling products.

What are the considerations for sports and outdoor products?

Consumers are concerned about the functionality of the product, for example.

  • The material should be lightweight, high strength, flexible, breathable and quick-drying during activity.
  • Ergonomically designed to allow for freedom of movement and effective impact resistance.
  • Considering the uncertainty and variability of sports and outdoor activities (such as in the case of rain and snow), it is better to have products with characteristics such as cold and warm, non-slip, waterproof and durable.
  • When creating the product details page, the size of the product, accessories, installation tutorials need to be as detailed as possible, so as not to cause unnecessary customer complaints.
  • Special reminder: for ball apparel and its periphery to pay special attention not to infringe.

What are the considerations for sensitive categories?

As some of the sports and outdoor categories are sensitive (such as hunting), sellers are advised to carefully understand Amazon’s sales policies for related products before adding new products, while respecting domestic sales regulations in China and the United States. Sellers can login to the seller central and search for ‘sales policy’ for more information.Amazon sports product selection

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