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How can sellers quickly improve Amazon product rankings and sales in a short period of time, and then achieve a burst of orders? This is something that every seller will think about and make action.

Ways to improve Amazon product rankings and sales

1. improve keyword search relevance

Customer search keywords, according to the A9 algorithm, must let the goods in the first 5 pages by the customer search, otherwise it is difficult to convert.

The main factors affecting natural rankings are sales (the most important), seller performance, keyword matching (title, bullet point, search terms and FBA delivery.
Practical methods:

●  Conduct promotion. Store did not successfully reported Prime membership day goods, sellers can relatively do coupon discount in the peak season before the price reduction, improve ranking, expand the flow of entry.

●  To increase the relevance of Listing, the advertising campaign group of Amazon suggested keywords to download after analysis, and buried words in the text. At the same time, sellers can download all the buyer search terms for the past 2 months for analysis, and bury the words in the copy.

●  In the last 2 weeks, according to a certain extent to increase the advertising budget and keyword bidding rules, ACOS will appear to rise is normal, as long as the acceptable range of goods do not lose money on the line, because many customers at this time to add the goods in the shopping cart, to the membership day to pay to buy.

●  Sellers can be issued on other social platforms off-site deal, promotional code for 2-3 times.Amazon product rankings


success selling on amazon

Amazon product rankings


2.The top of the advertising search results (home page) focus on placement and ranking follow-up

For the main best-selling ASIN, sellers must use the “dynamic bidding – raise and lower” advertising campaign bidding strategy, according to the performance of the goods, to increase the “top of the search results (home page)” percentage, so as to be in the top 1-3 also. so that the product can be searched for in the top 1-3.

If the product has a certain profit, advertising budget is sufficient, it is best to allow buyers to search for the product on the first page.Amazon product rankings

3.Maximize the benefits of advertising

Before the peak sales season, play a good advertising is a hard battle, first of all, we must do the classification of their own store goods, different goods must correspond to different promotional goals, the corresponding advertising goods and marketing tools.Amazon product rankings

4.Feport Today’s deal seconds

It is second only to Amazon’s home page. If you do not report on the member’s day activities or new products, it is recommended that sellers do Deal, the specific conditions of the second kill registration can be in the background of the “advertising” under the “second kill” to see if there are recommended goods, or ask the investment manager and pay attention to the investment manager The deal registration notice.

5.Follow the sale, to prevent infringement complaints

If you do general merchandise, you can follow the sale of the big sellers, sellers must pay attention to intellectual property rights, must be careful. In addition to follow the big sellers to sell hot products, there is a very useful method, be sure to analyze and hands-on.

Amazon product rankings

Amazon product rankings

6.Listing internal advertising position placement

Practical operation:

1, manual ASIN placement of all similar New Release goods, to increase the exposure of their own goods, because most of the New Release goods belong to the excellent new, ranking, Review, etc. relatively low, that is, high exposure, low conversion, this time the positioning of goods placed in the New Release goods, because their own goods review, ranking, page Quality and other advantages, click-through rate and conversion rate than the New Release of goods high.

2, manually put the recommended sales ranking, but the price, review rating, detail page quality and some other aspects of their own goods are not excellent ASIN.

3, category placement, and with the display position to adjust the bid to increase the “commodity page” bidding percentage.

7.Seize the screening traffic and left category navigation traffic

This requires as much as possible to fill in the background details of your goods can fill in the information to fill in as full as possible, so that buyers in the screening time, the chances of being screened to a great, and can increase the relevance of the goods in the Amazon platform, if not completely filled in, the lack of information on the product details page, but also will certainly reduce the conversion rate of goods.Amazon product rankings


Amazon product research

Amazon product rankings


If you need to know more, you can go to sellercentral for more information.

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