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What is Amazon FBA Shipping?

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service that allows sellers to store their products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers.
The company will then manage the inventory on behalf of the seller and handle shipping the product to the customer. This can be a great way to outsource your shipping and logistics needs.

All you have to do is send your products to Amazon’s fulfillment centers, and then you can focus on other aspects of your business.
The program has become more popular in recent years, and for good reason.Amazon FBA Shipping can save you a lot of fulfillment time and money.

How to choose Amazon FBA Shipping method?

According to the mode of transportation

Our choice of Amazon FBA Shipping methods mainly include air transportation, sea transportation, and express delivery. These three are different in price, timeliness, and deliverable items. Sellers can choose according to their own product characteristics and logistics needs. suitable shipping method.

 According to the logistics price

At present, there are many logistics companies on the market, and there are many logistics methods to choose from. There are many companies that can provide Amazon FBA Shipping. The logistics quotations of various logistics companies are also different. Although it may be a difference of a few dollars, for users who have long-term mailing needs, the accumulated cost is not a small expense.


Amazon FBA Shipping


Therefore, when we choose the logistics method, we need to understand the logistics quotation, compare the logistics methods, know the reasons for the price difference, and make a more appropriate choice.

According to the logistics advantages

Different logistics methods have different advantages. For example, some logistics have more resources on the US route, some logistics have more routes on the European route, some logistics have a faster delivery process, and some logistics Although the price is low, the transit time is long.

By understanding their advantages and disadvantages, sellers choose a more suitable Amazon FBA Shipping service in the face of different products and product delivery at different times.

According to the customs clearance level

FBA is not responsible for customs clearance. Therefore, we need to choose a logistics method that provides customs clearance services when we choose first-haul logistics, which can save us a lot of things. Customs clearance is a problem that sellers often need to encounter.

Whether the products can be successfully cleared is related to whether their products can be successfully put into the FBA warehouse.


Amazon FBA Shipping


Amazon FBA Shipping forwarder

Once your shipment is ready on Seller Central, you are ready to ship. Regardless of your level of experience with international shipping, it’s easy to make costly mistakes at this stage.
The three most important considerations when shipping goods are:

Shipping Single Pallets vs Full Cases
Packaging and labeling your products
Find Amazon Professional Freight Forwarders

How to Find an Amazon FBA Shipping forwarder?

A freight forwarder is a service provider that arranges your shipment.

A good freight forwarder is well versed in the shipping process and has the necessary connections to book space for your cargo with reliable air and ocean carriers, track your cargo movements, coordinate the many required documents required and much more.

To comply with the unique delivery requirements of Amazon FBA Shipping, you also need a freight forwarder who has experience coordinating deliveries to Amazon warehouses.
We strongly recommend that you learn about your freight forwarder by researching and reading online reviews. Important evaluation criteria include responsiveness, pricing and flexibility.


Amazon FBA Shipping


Amazon FBA Shipping fees

FBA categorizes the dimensional weight of an item as Standard or Oversized.
Starting April 20, 2022, Amazon implemented a new 5% fuel and inflation surcharge on all FBA fulfillment fees.

Fulfillment fees for standard sizes
Under standard-sized items, FBA further subdivides items into apparel or non-apparel.

For apparel items, the fee is as low as $3.43 for items weighing 6 ounces or less. Larger apparel items over 3 lbs to 20 lbs are $7.01 + $0.32/lb above the first 3 lbs.
On the other hand, prices for non-clothing goods are slightly lower. Items under 6 ounces or less start at $3.07, while items weighing 3+ lbs to 20 lbs start at $6.44 + $0.32/lb, up from the first 3 lbs.

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