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Recently, the world’s 10th largest shipping company,ZIM cooperates with MSC, covering a number of deals aimed at improving operational efficiency and further enhancing customer service.

ZIM cooperates with MSC upgraded!

It is understood that the scope of cooperation includes routes from the Indian subcontinent to the Eastern Mediterranean, the Eastern Mediterranean to Northern Europe, and East Asia to Oceania.The agreement between ZIM and MSC includes vessel sharing, slot purchasing and exchange arrangements.


ZIM cooperates with MSC

ZIM Cooperates With MSC Upgraded


Eli Glickman, President and CEO of ZIM, said, “This important partnership with industry leader MSC will provide cost efficiencies for both carriers while delivering the highest standards of service and reliability to our customers.

Over the years, our decade-long partnership with MSC has spanned a number of routes and today covers Asia, the Northwest Pacific, Oceania, India, the Eastern Mediterranean, and Northern Europe.”

“Partnering with MSC will increase the efficiency of our fleet, which is in line with our focus on taking proactive measures in the face of the recent ongoing downturn in the container shipping market.

We anticipate that this strategic partnership will benefit ZIM both operationally and financially, and is another demonstration of our flexibility. We will continue to look for opportunities to capitalize on the company’s strengths and capabilities to create long-term value for our customers and investors.Eli Glickman added.

The reorganized ZIM services included in the operating partnership agreement are as follows:

ZIM will provide the following services between Asia and Oceania

Northeast Asia – Australia (ZAX)

Busan – Qingdao – Shanghai – Ningbo – Hong Kong – Yantian – Nansha – Brisbane – Melbourne – Sydney – Brisbane – Busan


ZIM cooperates with MSC

ZIM Cooperates With MSC Upgraded


ZIM Oceania – Asia (ZOA)

Linchaban – Singapore – Tanjung Parapas – Singapore – Jakarta – Brisbane – Sydney – Auckland – Littleton – Otago – Brisbane – Tanjung Parapas – Singapore – Linchaban

ZIM Oceania Express (ZOX)

Singapore – Jakarta – Fremantle – Melbourne – Sydney – Napier – Tauranga – Brisbane – Tanjung Parapas – Singapore

ZIM will offer two services between the Indian Subcontinent and the Eastern Mediterranean with the following port rotation:

ZIM Indo-Israel (ZII)

Nawasheva – Mundra – Haifa

ZIM India Turkey (ZIT)

Hazira – Mundra – Tekirda (TR) – Dailins (TR) – Iskenderun (TR) – Mersin – Hazira


ZIM cooperates with MSC

ZIM Cooperates With MSC Upgraded


In the East Mediterranean to Northern Europe trade, ZIM will offer two routes with the following port rotation:

ZIM Nordic Israel (ZNI)

Ashdod – Haifa – Damietta (EG) – Valencia – London Gate Way – Rotterdam – Hamburg – Antwerp – Le Havre – Ashdod

ZIM Turkey Nordic (ZNT)

Aliaga (Nemrut Bay) – Le Havre – Felixstowe – Bremerhaven – Hamburg – Antwerp – Aliaga (Nemrut Bay)

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