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NMFC Code (National Motor Freight Classification) National Motor Freight Classification, is a standard developed by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA for short) in the United States of America for classifying and describing goods and commodities.

This classification system is widely used in the freight transportation and logistics industry, especially in the United States and Canada.

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Function of NMFC Code

Describe the type of goods

The NMFC code is a four-digit number that describes the type, density, weight, dimensions, and other information about a shipment.

For example
Hardwood flooring can be designated as NMFC#37860 and corrugated boxes can be designated as NMFC#29250.These codes can be viewed through the constantly updated NMFC database.

These codes can help transportation companies classify shipments during pricing, loading, and transportation. For example, a particular NMFC code may correspond to a specific type of cargo, such as wood, metal, plastic, etc. These codes help prioritize cargo for loading and transportation costs.

The main reason for using NMFC codes is to simplify the process of cargo transportation. Due to the wide variety of cargo types, transportation companies need a way to quickly and accurately categorize cargo. By using NMFC codes, transportation companies can quickly determine the type, size, and weight of a shipment, which in turn determines transportation costs and loading priorities.

Simplification of the process of cargo transportation

NMFC codes can also help transportation companies comply with relevant codes and regulations. For example, certain shipments may require special handling or loading requirements, and NMFC codes can help the transportation company identify and meet those requirements.




Some items are permanent, while others can be categorized based on density, packaging, value or other factors.

Density-based items mean that the density of the shipment will resolve the category. For example, machinery may be practical for NMFC #13300, which the database calls a density-based code.

If machinery is to be shipped, the density of the shipment (based on weight, footage, and number of pallets) needs to be specified before the freight class is calculated.

For most density-based classes, a lower density means a higher class and a higher density means a lower class.

On the other hand, some transportation items have permanent classes regardless of size or weight. An example of a fixed item is a transmission. Transmission has an NMFC code of 19940 and is categorized as 85 regardless of size, weight, or packaging.

There may also be NMFC codes where the item is categorized by packaging method, value, or any other product characteristic. The only way to be clear is to have an LTL transportation specialist help locate the item in the NMFC database.

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