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What is LTL freight?LTL (Less-than-truckload)freight means that when the number of consigned goods is small, it is not economically economical to transport insufficient or occupy a truck wagon (or a transport vehicle), and the transportation department arranges to assemble it with other consigned goods for transportation .

The transportation department charges according to the ton-kilometer and freight rate of the consigned goods.what is ltl freight

what is ltl freight

what is ltl freight

Difference between LTL freight and container shipping

The LTL freight can carefully organize the balance of light and heavy, large and small, long and short goods, make full use of the compartment space and loading load to match the full load, and strictly implement the regulations on the restrictions on mixed loading of goods.

Container transportation requires a relatively concentrated, stable and sufficient supply of goods. Only in this way can the utilization rate of container loading quality and volume be guaranteed, and the characteristics of container transportation can be fully utilized.

1. The quantity is different

According to the editor’s understanding, the weight and volume of a batch of less-than-truckload goods must be less than a 30-ton truck. The minimum volume of a piece of goods should not be less than 0.02 cubic meters, and each batch should not exceed 300 pieces.

The weight of goods transported in containers must not exceed the maximum load capacity of the container. The maximum loading capacity of a railway container is 810 kg for a one-ton container and 4,200 kg for a five-ton container.

what is ltl freight

what is ltl freight

2. The nature of the goods is different

In terms of the category and nature of the goods, there are certain restrictions when transporting by LTL or containers. There are eight types of goods in LTL freight that cannot be transported by LTL. In container transportation, there are only three types of goods that cannot be shipped in containers.

3. Freight charges are different

For example, the freight number and freight rate of vehicle cargo and less-than-truckload cargo are different. If it is transported by container, the whole vehicle container is charged according to the standard weight of the truck and its applicable vehicle freight rate, while the less-than-truckload container is charged according to the weight of the cargo (the minimum weight lower than the minimum weight) and its applicable less-than-truckload freight rate Billing.

Advantages of LTL freight

a) Low total shipping costs, less space means low rates;

b) LTL carriers have strong background support, including claims, tracking and charging;

c) The tracking technology is professional and reliable;

d) More conducive to environmental protection.

what is ltl freight

what is ltl freight

When to choose the LTL freight?

The goods meet the following criteria:

a) less than 6 standard pallets or goods weighing less than 10,000 pounds;

b) The shipping time is relatively flexible;

c) No special temperature-controlled transport required.

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