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VAT number, Value Added Tax. In the process of cross-border e-commerce transactions, customers often ask for their own company’s VAT number, and many sellers are confused by this. In fact, the Tax Bureau requires that this number must be indicated on each bill, otherwise the bill does not conform to the format of the Tax Bureau, and the customer can refuse to pay.

The main function of the VAT number is to facilitate enterprises to provide relevant tax information to the tax department. In some countries (or regions), if a company does not have a VAT number, it may be regarded as an “illegal business” by the tax department and face fines or other penalties.

VAT Number | Ultimate Guide-Xiongda

What are the conditions for applying for a VAT number?

1. When the product inventory for sale is placed in the local warehouse, the VAT tax number of the country must be registered for the warehousing behavior, that is, which country the goods are stored in, the VAT tax number of that country must be registered.

2. If the seller only has British VAT, and the sales volume exceeds the distance sales volume of EU countries, he must apply for VAT registration.

3. The pan-European plan is opened, and the products sold are shipped through non-registered VAT countries, or the returned goods are returned to non-non-registered VAT European countries. VAT registration is required.

What information do I need to submit to apply for a vat number?

1. Scanned copy of business license (company or individual)

2. A scanned copy of the ID card or passport of the legal representative

3. Proof of the home address of the company legal person or self-employed person

VAT Number | Ultimate Guide-Xiongda

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What is the specific process of applying for vat number?

1. The applicant provides complete information to the accountant

2. The accountant helps the seller to submit the seller’s information to HMRC

3. HMRC feedbacks the Reference number after receiving the application documents

4. HMRC approval

5. HMRC issued Registration Reply Section

6. Applicant’s signature confirmation

7. Get UK VAT numbers

8. Get the EORI number in about a week

9. The application process is completed

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Is the VAT number the same for all EU countries?

Varies, each EU country issues its own national VAT numbers. This means that businesses that supply goods or services in several EU countries may be responsible for obtaining a VAT in those countries.

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