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International express shipping surcharge

1. Fuel surcharge
Since most of the international express delivery is by air, the price of aircraft fuel changes, so some fuel surcharges are often charged to users.

2. Overlength surcharge
When the goods exceed the specified length, due to the need for special packaging or transportation, an over-long shipping surcharge will be charged.

3. Overweight surcharge
If a single piece of goods exceeds the specified weight, an overweight surcharge will be charged.

4. Unable to stack pallet fee
Under normal circumstances, it is impossible for all goods to be regular. Some goods cannot be stacked due to shape, nature, packaging, sender’s requirements, etc., and shipping surcharge for unstackable pallets will be generated.

5. Security service fee
For some war-torn areas, express companies need to charge a certain security service fee.

shipping surcharge

Sea shipping surcharge

1. GRI
General Rate Increase. Generally, it is used by South American routes and American routes. Due to the port, ship, fuel oil, cargo or other reasons, the shipping cost of the shipping company has increased significantly, and the comprehensive rate increase surcharge imposed by the ship owner.

Peak Season Surcharge. When the freight is relatively busy, many shipping companies will collect it with excuses. Every year from April to November is generally the peak season for world freight.

3. EBS
Emergency Bunker Surcharge, in the FOB terms, this fee should be borne by the receiver, and this fee can be paid on arrival or in advance.

4. THC
Terminal Handling Charge

5. ORC
Original Receiving Charge, this fee is more complicated, and it is both different and related to the terminal operation fee THC. Only one of ORC and THC is charged – if ORC is charged, THC will not be charged. If you receive THC, you will not receive ORC.

shipping surcharge

shipping surcharge

6. PCS
Port Congestion Surcharge. When the port is congested or particularly busy, the waiting time and sailing schedule of the ship will be extended, and port charges such as tugboat fees may also increase.

7. CIC
Container Imbalance Charge is a surcharge imposed by the shipping company to compensate for the cost of transporting empty containers due to the imbalance of cargo flow and containers caused by the imbalance of trade volume or seasonal shipping surcharge.

8. DDC
Destination Delivery Charge, in terms of DDU, DDP, etc., this charge is only borne by the seller/shipper, otherwise it is paid by the buyer/consignee.

9. HLA
Heavy-Lift Additiona, refers to the weight of a single piece of goods exceeds a certain standard, requiring special equipment (such as heavy cranes) or special operations (such as the need for padding, reinforcement materials and manual binding or reinforcement), in order to make up for the increased operation A surcharge for the cost. Generally, it is overweight if it exceeds 2 tons, 3 tons or 5 tons.

10. CAF
Currency Adjustment Factor, when the currency in which the freight is charged depreciates significantly, the shipping company will suffer a large loss due to the depreciation of the currency.

11. LLAs
Long Length Additional means that the length of a single piece of goods exceeds a certain standard, requiring special equipment or special operations. Generally, it is over 9 meters, and if it is container goods, it is generally defined as over 6 meters.

shipping surcharge

shipping surcharge

12. ECRS
Emergency Cost Recovery Surcharge, bad weather conditions cause a significant increase in transportation and operating costs, etc., this fee will be charged.

Container Service Charge, container or container service charge.

14. FAF
Fuel Adjustment Factor, generally used for Japanese routes.

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