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Shanghai is China’s international economic, financial, trade, shipping, and technological innovation center. Many import and export trades pass through here. We discuss the relevant guidance for shipping from Shanghai to USA.

How to shipping from Shanghai to USA?

Air transport

Shipping times from China to the US are affected by a number of factors. One of them is the fairway. The other is air freight from China to USA.
You first need to confirm your arrangement with your China freight forwarder.

Once your itinerary is confirmed, you can get departure times and other details from your freight forwarder in China, including which airport you should use for pick-up. You will also need to provide them with all relevant details about the item you are sending, including weight and dimensions.

Another shipping method from Shanghai to the United States is by sea.

shipping from Shanghai to USA

sea freight

Shipping from Shanghai to USA by ocean is the most common option for shipping goods internationally. It can be a cost-effective and reliable method of transportation.
Ocean freight is cheaper but slower, and ocean routes have greater cargo capacity than air freight.

Time of shipping from Shanghai to USA are affected by a number of factors. One of them is the fairway. The other is sea freight from China to the United States.

A fairway is the route taken by ships to transport goods from one place to another, either by sea or by air.Shanghai to U.S. sea freight refers to the cost of shipping goods between Chinese ports and U.S. ports.

Time of shipping from Shanghai to USA is a critical factor for any business, as it affects how long their product stays on the shelf before it gets returned in a sold-out or worse case.

How long does it take to shipping from Shanghai to USA?

Air transport

Air freight from China to the US is ideal for shipping relatively high value and urgent but not necessarily large shipments.The biggest advantage of air freight is speed. Air freight to the United States generally only takes 5-12 days.

But several factors can affect the delivery time of your shipments, the type of shipments themselves (bulk or non-bulk), and their value and weight. The type of cargo, whether in bulk or bulk, and their value and weight.

Cargo can be sent directly from Shanghai Airport to all airports in the United States. Such as JFK International Airport, Chicago O’Hare International Airport, Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, San Francisco International Airport, Seattle International Airport.

shipping from Shanghai to USA

Ocean freight

The U.S. shipping line refers to the transportation route that China exports to the United States or the United States to China by shipping.Ocean freight from China to US takes about 15-42 days .There are generally two ways:

FCL shipping: After the factory is loaded, it will be shipped directly from major ports in China to the whole of the United States;
LTL shipping: can send logistics to Dongguan warehouse for carpooling by land or LCL by sea.

Cost of shipping from Shanghai to USA

Air transport

It is a combination of various charges and surcharges, including air freight, fuel surcharges, security charges, terminal charges and other surcharges.

These fees are set by different airlines based on their operating costs. Airlines often revise these charges to reflect market changes, based on factors such as season, international oil prices and low seasons.The cost of air freight to the United States is generally 5-8 US dollars / kg.

shipping from Shanghai to USA

Sea freight

The price of shipping from Shanghai to USA by ocean depends on many criteria, each carrier, each freight forwarder applies its own rate, more or less high, more or less negotiable, depending on the quantity shipped. The essential information is the volume of your cargo and not the weight, as it is always based on the international “equivalence rules”. It really helps optimize space without worrying too much about weight.

Weight/volume ratio: According to the ocean freight equivalent rule “1 ton = 1 cubic meter”.

In the LCL shipping from Shanghai to USA, the base rate is always calculated according to the weight/volume ratio rule. The tariff is based on the result of this ratio, and is priced at the highest weight, also called “billed weight”.

In the FCL shipping from Shanghai to USA, the rate is usually a flat rate per container, which depends on the size/type of container used and the carrier offering it.

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