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FCL, LCL – shipping container to USA

The main methods from domestic shipping to the United States are FCL shipping and LCL shipping. The shipping company is responsible for transporting the containers from the port of departure to the shipping destination terminal, and then according to the instructions of the booking power of attorney.

All FCL shipping The goods are handed over to stevedores into containers and then transported by car to their destination.

shipping container to USA
shipping container to USA


How long does shipping container to USA port take ?It depends on the following points:


The first one depends on the delivery distance of shipping container to USA . If it is an inland port, the prescription is much shorter, about 7-11 working days can arrive at the port, but need to do import declaration and customs clearance at the destination port; American offshore ports typically take 11-14 days.

The time for shipping from China to USA is different. It takes about 17 days to reach the Western United States, 22 days to reach the United States and China, and 26 days to reach the Eastern United States.

This is mainly because the warehouse is divided into several different areas, so the shipping from China to the United States and from the United States to China are delivered from these parts of the warehouse, the arrival time is also different.


The second depends on the delivery schedule of shipping container to USA . Generally speaking, after the container is loaded every Friday, the ship will not set off until the next Friday. The time for the ship to arrive at the port is about 20 days, and the reserved time is about 15 days for customs clearance and delivery.

So in general, it will take more than 20 days for a single shipment to China to arrive at the port, but if it is to be distributed to each recipient, it will also take a certain amount of time.

Clippers are shipped to the west coast of the United States (usually to Long Beach or Los Angeles Port), and the sea is to the Pacific Ocean, and the sea navigation time takes about 13 to 16 days.

Because the shipping company is different, the time is different. For slow boats, it takes about 30-40 days to arrive at the port for pickup.

shipping container to USA
shipping container to USA

customs clearance

The third is to see the customs clearance time of shipping container to USA . Both inland ports and offshore ports in the United States are under the direct jurisdiction of the U.S Customs, so customs clearance is also done by the U.S. Customs, so the requirements for customs clearance capabilities are relatively high.

If the U.S. bulk cargo is shipped by LCL, the aging time will be much faster, generally 3-4 working days to arrive at the port. The customs clearance of the US inland port or the US outer sea port can generally only be entrusted to the freight forwarding company to operate.

How much it costs for a shipping container to USA?

Generally speaking, a shipping container to USA can hold 800-10,000 containers when fully loaded.

General shipping container to USA specifications are divided into:

● The volume of 20GP (commonly known as 20-foot container) is: 5.69M * 2.13M * 2.18M, and the loading volume is about 26m³. The loading gross weight is about 17.5T.

● The volume of 40GP (commonly known as 40-foot container) is: 11.8M * 2.13M * 2.72M, the loading capacity is about 54m³, and the loading gross weight is about 22T.

● The volume of 40HQ (commonly known as 40 high cabinet) is: 11.8M * 2.13M * 2.72M, the loading capacity is about 68m³, and the loading gross weight is about 22T.

● The volume of 45HQ (commonly known as 45 high cabinet) is: 13.58M * 2.34M * 2.71M, the loading volume is about 86m³, and the loading gross weight is about 29T.

Then the commonly used container is 45HQ.

shipping container to USA
shipping container to USA

How much is a 45HQ shipping container to USA ?

First of all, it depends on the shipping company, the port of origin, the port of destination, and the destination.

Next, take Shenzhen to Los Angeles as an example.

Shipping company: Evergreen, Maersk.

Departure Port: Shenzhen Yantian Port 

Destination Port: Port of Los Angeles, USA

Destination: Zip Code: 92551, Warehouse Code: ONT8, Region: West America, Address 24300 Nandina Ave Moreno Valley

Shipping products: general cargo

Cargo operation: palletizing

Handling process: container reservation – handling of products that need to be carried (do a good job of preventing dust, moisture, and damage)

Customs declaration – sailing – arrival at port – customs clearance – delivery – receipt

Price: ¥27500

See, is it clear how much it costs for a shipping container to USA ? In fact, it is not only to consider the cost, but also to consider whether it can be safely transported to the destination.

shipping container to USA
shipping container to USA

How does shipping container to USA inland cities?

Some of the shipments that arrive at U.S. ports by sea are not direct and require transshipment. After arriving by rail transportation or domestic waterway transportation, it will be cleared and released.

It will first arrive at the Port of Los Angeles or Long Beach, and then transfer to the Port of Oakland by water. The container will be released after customs clearance.

And some inland big cities don’t have ports and will transport containers from Los Angeles by rail. Such as Dallas, Chicago and other large cities in the west.

Routes for shipping container to US:

North American Route: Both countries traverse the Atlantic and Pacific at the same time. It can also be divided into US East (Atlantic) / US West (Pacific) routes.

U.S. ports: Losangelis (Los Angeles), Losangelis (Long Beach), OAKLAND (Oakland), SEATTLE (Seattle), Losangelis (San Francisco), TACOMA (Tacoma).

In the United States, many inland points, sometimes to the east coast ports, use sea-rail combined transportation, because the basic ports in the United States are connected with cities by rail, while the east coast base ports are all land-based.

In addition, the additional fees for North American routes are generally: ISF, AMS. Moreover, the definition of the base port is also different for each shipping company. And there are a lot of ships going to the US, and it’s very selective.

shipping container to USA
shipping container to USA

ZIM Route Map

The US-West route generally starts from Chinese ports (Yantian, Hong Kong, Xiamen, Ningbo, Shanghai, etc.) and arrives at various ports in the US and West via the Pacific Ocean.

MATSON route map

In the Matson route map, the red CLX is the route of the regular ship that unloads faster, and the CLX+ is the route of the overtime ship. The + sign means that the overtime ship is easy to understand, and the overtime ship is slower to unload.

Evergreen Shipping Route Map

There are two routes in the US East Route, one is westbound, crosses the Strait of Malacca, then reaches the Mediterranean Sea through the Suez Canal, and finally reaches the US East through the Atlantic Ocean.

Domestic westbound to US eastbound route map

The other is eastbound, through the Pacific Ocean, then through the Panama Canal to the Atlantic Ocean and then to the eastern port of the United States.

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