Routes To The West America Are Weekly Available Now In Yantian

On May 5, Yantian International ushered in the maiden voyage of China United Shipping’s “TPC” scheduled route as the vessel “Renjian” successfully berthed at Yantian Port. Provide weekly service from Yantian International to Los Angeles, West America, only 16 days

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The “TPC” route is China United Shipping’s first scheduled route to the Americas in South China. It calls at Yantian Port every Thursday to provide weekly services for cargo owners. Yantian International is its last port of call in China. The goods depart from Yantian International, and it only takes 16 days to reach Los Angeles in the United States, which enriches the flexibility of customers in southern China in the arrangement of space in the United States and West, which is beneficial to relieve the difficulties of foreign trade customers and alleviate the severe export. transportation situation. China United Shipping has invested 6 fixed liners and 1 motorized liners to ensure the timeliness of the schedule and service quality.

shipping agent from china to usa

The route calls at the exclusive terminal in Los Angeles every Sunday. Thanks to its exclusive storage yard at the US West Wharf, the cargo can be unloaded quickly after arriving at the wharf, and is equipped with an exclusive frame, which can provide four kinds of fast delivery: wharf, outside storage yard, outside storage yard frame and direct customers. payment method.

In order to welcome the new route, China United Shipping and Yantian International jointly held the inaugural voyage event. Zou Jiajun, the owner’s representative of China United Shipping, Lin Xici, General Manager of Operation Service and Development of Yantian International, and Guangdong Lianyu Logistics, the customer representative, attended the ceremony.

Yantian International continues to enrich the route layout and build a good service portfolio

On the basis of making every effort to ensure the stability of the industrial chain and supply chain and the smooth flow of the “sea express line for port supplies”, Yantian International actively communicated with shipping companies and continuously enriched the route layout to meet the market demand. Since this year, 8 new routes have been added. At present, Yantian International has more than 100 routes, of which European and American routes account for more than 60%. The density of European and American routes ranks first in South China, covering all basic ports in the eastern United States, western United States, Europe, Canada and other regions. At the same time, export cargo owners in Huizhou, Dongguan, and even the western part of the Pearl River, which are close to Shenzhen, can also enjoy the dual convenience of Yantian Port’s dense route network and hub advantages through multimodal transport and combined ports.

Cen Qicheng, Managing Director of Yantian International, said: “Faced with the international shipping situation where the supply chain is still blocked under the epidemic, Yantian International actively communicated with shipping companies, opened and upgraded multiple routes in succession, and made joint efforts to unblock the logistics of the Greater Bay Area. China United Shipping calls This scheduled flight route to the Americas in Yantian Port will help Yantian International to further expand its pan-Pacific route layout. Yantian International will give full play to its advantages as a hub port in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and discuss and jointly build economic and trade channels with partners. Promote the efficient operation of global supply chains to play a greater role.”

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Chen Honghui, Chairman and CEO of China United Shipping, said: “We have built TPC routes as our core products, stable services of fixed ships, fixed terminals and fixed sailing schedules, exquisite service products and value-added services at destination ports, as well as perfect near-ocean and ocean-going services. The cooperation of the route network, etc., will provide more stable and efficient services for customers in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and build an efficient and fast maritime logistics channel between Yantian Port and the South China region to connect with the West Coast of the United States.”

shipping agent from china to usa

Make positive contributions to ensuring the stability of the industrial chain and supply chain

In the face of the severe and complex epidemic, the Yantian International team will continue to build a strong port defense line, continue to actively optimize epidemic prevention measures, and work with relevant government units to discuss timely adjustments and take more effective measures to minimize the impact of the epidemic on port production. , to ensure that epidemic prevention and control and social and economic development are well coordinated. Yantian International will continue to expand its route network and improve its service level, making positive contributions to the development of Shenzhen’s port-based national logistics hub and to ensuring the stability of the industrial chain and supply chain.

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