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Ocean freight refers to the total cost of goods from the port of departure to the port of destination. The ocean freight charges list includes the following aspects:

1.Shipping cost:

shipping cost refers to the transportation cost of goods from the port of departure to the port of destination, including sea transportation, land transportation and air transportation.
Sea freight is one of the most important items, which is calculated according to the quantity, weight, volume, distance, route, mode of transportation and other factors of the goods.

2. Port fees:

Port fees refer to the costs incurred in loading and unloading goods at the port of departure and the port of destination, including terminal fees, port service fees, loading and unloading fees, storage fees, etc.

ocean freight charges list

ocean freight charges list

3. Insurance premium:

Insurance premium refers to the insurance premium during the sea transportation of the goods, which is used to ensure the safety and insurance liability of the goods.
The calculation of insurance premiums is based on factors such as the type, value, mode of transportation, origin and destination of the goods.

4.Other fees:

Other fees include customs duties, customs clearance fees, inspection and quarantine fees, agency fees, document fees, etc. These fees vary according to the laws, regulations and industry practices of different countries and regions.

How to correctly understand ocean freight charges list?

  1. The following points need to be paid attention to when understanding ocean freight charges list:
    Understand the composition and calculation method of ocean freight. Understand the influence of different factors on the cost of sea freight, so as to choose the transportation method and cost standard that suit you.
  2. Understand what is included in the quotation of the sea freight forwarder. Choose the right service provider and quotation plan to avoid unnecessary costs and problems.
  3. Pay attention to the influence of factors such as the quantity, weight, volume, distance, route and mode of transportation of the goods on the shipping cost, and make a reasonable budget and arrangement.
  4. Comply with relevant international and domestic laws and regulations and industry standards, ensure the safety and legality of goods, and avoid unnecessary problems and disputes.


Shipping insurance cost

ocean freight charges list


The sea freight will be constantly adjusted and changed. It may be different every time you ask, and the charges for different routes are also different. Generally, the shipping company will adjust the freight at the beginning or middle of each month, and all ships have their own main routes.

Generally, shipping companies do not have time to deal with private customers one by one, because there are too few cargoes and too many processes. Unless you are Wal-Mart, Nike, a company with large, frequent and influential shipments!

Therefore, after determining the import and export destination of your goods, choosing a reliable and professional ocean freight forwarder to book space will save a lot of effort and energy. Of course it will save money too!

Ocean Freight Forwarder

Ocean freight forwarders refer to companies that provide freight forwarding and transportation services in ocean trade. Ocean freight forwarders usually provide customers with related services and help customers handle related affairs.


ocean freight charges list

ocean freight charges list


How to choose the right ocean freight forwarder?

To choose the right ocean freight forwarder, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  1. Understand the qualifications and reputation of ocean freight forwarders, and choose service providers with experience and good reputation.
  2. According to one’s own needs and situation, choose a sea freight forwarder with relevant professional knowledge and skills to avoid problems and disputes due to lack of professional knowledge.
  3. Consider the service scope and price of ocean freight forwarding, and choose a service provider and quotation plan that suits you.
  4. Establish a good communication and cooperation relationship with ocean freight forwarders, communicate and solve problems in a timely manner to ensure the safety and smooth transportation of goods.

ocean freight charges list

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