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LDP costume shipping is a method of conducting trade. The China shipping costume LDP clearly stipulates that the exporter bears all costs and responsibilities.

According to LDP costume shipping , exporters shall charge fees for export customs clearance, commodity inspection, taxes and fees. In addition, exporters should provide customs clearance documents. We do not require your import qualification.

China is a big exporting country, and costume accounts for a very high proportion of export commodities. A lot of clothing in the United States is imported from China.Purchasing from platforms such as Alibaba and made in China.

1. Why choose our LDP costume shipping service?

It provides great convenience for importers to choose LDP costume shipping services. Importers are not required to provide any customs clearance documents. Also, the exporter bears all costs and responsibilities and we take care of all import and export formalities. It will save you time and effort and directly increase your competitiveness.

LDP costume shipping

2. What should the importer do before or after you sign a contract with the exporter?

Exactly what we want to tell you is that specific deliveries are scheduled on time, your importer just needs to pick it up on time.

Customs Clearance:
Since all the overall transportation matters are handed over to the freight forwarder, the smoothness of customs XiXIOclearance at the port of destination depends entirely on:
Whether the local customs import record of the third party is good;
Whether the freight forwarder’s operation record in the local customs is good;
Whether the customs clearance qualification of the local customs clearance bank at the local customs is good;

Advantages of LDP costume shipping

In fact, both for sellers and importers, LDP has considerable advantages.
For the buyer: the LDP clause enables the US buyer to lock in costs, manage the time and space to get the goods, and eliminate risks.
For sellers:

Guarantee cargo rights

Because the whole process of LDP  is borne by the seller, of course, the entire ownership of the goods is in the hands of the supplier, which can effectively handle the small confusion of collection.

LDP costume shipping

Cut costs

LDP is more profitable than FOB, and FOB competition is very fierce. Costs are more transparent. Because LDP is the exporter who is responsible for the entire process of delivery of goods, and at the same time assists buyers to reasonably avoid taxes and reduce costs. So you can have some profit on the quoted price.

It can increase the diversity of orders, and in the end, various trade methods can increase the probability of various transactions.

LDP costume shipping represent the whole process of transportation and the customs declaration, customs clearance, tax payment, etc. encountered in it. Simply put, it is the whole process of transportation from the factory’s container location to the buyer’s designated location and all the links contained therein. Foreign buyers do not need to Provide any information, just wait for the goods to be transported at the location he arranged, simple and convenient.

LDP costume shipping

Process of LDP costume shipping

1. Provide product packing list information, price, picture and consignee address (there can be more than one consignee, and the warehouse can distribute the goods).

2. LDP costume shipping suppliers provide a variety of shipping schedules or flights to choose from, and arrange transportation and customs declaration after confirmation.

3. After the goods arrive, notify the exporter, and then declare, clear and pay taxes to the US customs.

4. After the goods are cleared through customs, notify the exporter to confirm whether it can be delivered. After confirmation, notify the buyer and confirm the address → appointment time → delivery.

5. After the goods are delivered, the buyer signs the POD (receipt order), and scans the Email to the exporter after signing.

6. Expenses are settled, and this order is completed.

LDP costume shipping

Precautions of LDP costume shipping

Ships before payment is received

For the buyer, the OPERATION mode of LDP costume shipping is more convenient, so the cooperation volume under this transaction mode is more stable than FOB or CIF. In order to ensure the rights to the goods, the editor recommends that the shipper collect the payment for the goods before delivery, and then deliver the goods, and try to control the rights of the goods in their own hands.

Freight forwarding is not professional

After the goods arrived at the port of destination, it was found that the customs clearance procedures were incomplete and could not be cleared. It is risky to find other agents to contract the goods after arriving at the port, and the original delivery date may be delayed.

Information acquisition lags

After the freight forwarder is changed, no matter whether the goods arrive at the port, whether they are released in the U.S. customs clearance, or when making an appointment with the consignee for delivery, the information will be greatly discounted, and when it is finally given to the consignee, they will fall into a passive state.

LDP costume shipping risks

Under the LDP trade terms, the seller is not only responsible for the cost and insurance of the entire transportation, but also for customs clearance, tax payment and delivery to the destination country. I suggest that the seller should be well aware of all the operational details and procedures when choosing a freight forwarder China.

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