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In FBA logistics is that Amazon is responsible for providing packaging, delivery, collection, customer service, return processing from its own warehouse this one-stop service. Here’s a look at what shipping methods are available for US Amazon FBA delivery and how the costs are calculated.

US Amazon FBA Delivery Methods

Air freight

The whole process of air transportation is domestic pickup – domestic airport departure – air transportation to the destination port – zonal delivery to the FBA warehouse, which is the fastest, but the shipping cost is the highest.

Sea freight

Sea freight will involve customs clearance issues, in the name of an individual is difficult to pass, usually in the name of the company, and the opposite of air transportation, it is the slowest, but the lowest freight.

International Express

This depends on the product and the destination, but all things considered, it is the second of the three modes of transportation, both in terms of freight and speed.


US Amazon FBA delivery


US Amazon FBA delivery cost calculation

Algorithm by volume

(Freight per unit volume x total volume of goods)/total number of pieces of goods = single product headway costs
Single product headway cost: (1500X45)/300=225RMB/piece

Algorithm by weight

(Freight per unit weight x total weight of cargo)/total number of pieces of cargo=One piece of product headway cost
US Amazon FBA delivery cost: (40×55)/50=44RMB/piece

Freight forwarder surcharges

Customs inspection includes port of origin inspection or port of destination inspection, and the cost of port of destination inspection is relatively high.

  • Sea freight demurrage dock storage fee
  • Destination port transit warehouse storage fees, etc., when booked
  • Delivery waiting fee
  • Additional charges for rejected shipments

For more surcharges for international shipping, you can click to view:

Freight Surcharges: Air Freight, Sea Freight Product List


US Amazon FBA delivery


Detailed explanation of US Amazon FBA delivery

FBA has three main transportation modes: US Amazon FBA delivery by air, ocean and Express.

Amazon FBA air freight

International air transport will be used to transport goods to the local, and then use the local express delivery to the Amazon warehouse, FBA if the first leg of the transportation using air freight line, the cost will be more expensive, but there is a fixed flight time.

XIongda International Logistics FBA special line (air + dispatch), fast time, cost-effective.

Amazon FBA sea shipping

As we all know, international sea transportation has a big advantage, that is cheap. The use of international ocean shipping to Amazon FBA warehouse is generally: international ocean shipping + local customs clearance + destination country delivery, but the time limit is long.

The time limit will be affected by natural weather and other aspects, resulting in a very long transportation time, such as general shipping to the United States about 45 days, to Europe is even longer.

Therefore, if you choose such a transportation channel, XIongda suggests you to ship the goods in advance, or for the goods that do not require high time limit.

International Express

The four major international courier such as DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT, etc., generally more than 20kg price is still good, fast time, suitable for emergency replenishment.
U.S. FBA delivery courier without reservation into the warehouse, but it should be noted that Amazon is not the main body of customs clearance, is not responsible for customs clearance and taxation. Declarations and tariff prepayments must be made in advance to prepare for the local customs clearance importer.


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US Amazon FBA delivery air shipping process


After arriving at the warehouse, it will be sorted, packed and labeled, and then packed and sent to the airport for customs clearance centrally, and after the end of customs clearance, it can be loaded and start shipping. Shippers in this process, to place an order, provide shipping information, customs clearance documents and freight.


The goods will be loaded into the belly of the aircraft cabin or cargo warehouse, after the end of loading, the aircraft will take off in accordance with the flight time, may be affected by weather delays and other situations.


door to door



Customs clearance

After the airplane arrives at the airport of the destination country, it needs to be cleared for final delivery. Customs officers will check the cargo to see if the declared information and the items are in line with each other, and then it can be cleared and released if there are no problems after checking.

Final Delivery

After the goods are released, the final delivery service provider will pick up the goods and deliver them to the corresponding Amazon warehouse, and the whole shipping process will be finished.


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