FBA Shipments | Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

The full name of FBA is Fulfillment by Amazon, which refers to the warehousing and distribution services provided by Amazon, and FBA Shipments include warehousing, packing, distribution, collection, and after-sales.

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So, what are the common problems with Amazon FBA shipments?

FBA Shipments Frequently Asked Questions

FBA refund, can I know what is the reason?

You can use the order number to open case to contact the seller support, but Amazon can only reply roughly, the background will not have a very specific reason.


FBA Shipments

Amazon FBA shipments


What is the reason that inventory sometimes shows more and sometimes shows less?

There are abnormalities in the quantity of inventory, generally there are the following two cases.

  1. A buyer placed an order but canceled it;
  2. Amazon made a warehouse move and reassigned the products to the warehouse;

Amazon FBA shipments goods were returned to the warehouse, want to deal with how to operate?

First of all, to determine whether the product can be repackaged for sale, if it can, it does not need to be dealt with; if the product is damaged and can not be re-sold, you can choose to destroy it or move it to the overseas warehouse through the creation of the removal order.

If you want to learn more about Amazon FBA returns, check out this video:


Will the FBA fee be refunded if the order is returned?

FBA fee will be charged for sending, 80% commission will be refunded to the seller, and the seller doesn’t need to bear the cost of sending back by the buyer.

If you want to know more details about FBA Product Inventory Management, you can click on this article:

How To Send Shipments From China To US Amazon FBA?

FBA program is assigned to 2 or 3 warehouses, how to do?

You can use the combined warehouse function, click Settings-Fulfilled by Amazon-Inbound Settings and check Inventory Placement Service, this function requires a fee, and the fee for overweight products is more expensive.

You can ask the customer service or search Inventory Placement Service in the background. another method is to send all the products to the overseas warehouse first, and then send them to the FBA warehouse by the overseas warehouse respectively.

When creating FBA shipments plan, the size and weight are written wrongly, which leads to cost preview overrun, how to solve it?

You can go to the background inventory, find the package information in the middle of More Details of the product, and modify it normally.

Do I need to change the price of the product after sending FBA?

The pricing of the product is decided by the seller, so we should do a good job of costing and then determine the price. The cost of sending FBA will be increased, and the corresponding sales price of the product should also be increased.


FBA Shipments

Amazon FBA shipments


Is the label the same FBA product , no matter how many quantities? How to choose the printer to print the label?

Product labels for the same SKU are the same, the printer is recommended:

  1. You can use laser printers and A4 self-adhesive paper
  2. You can also use barcode printers, barcode format is set to 128B format;
  3. Can not use inkjet printers, inkjet printers are prone to smudging, resulting in fuzzy pictures, resulting in labels that are difficult to recognize or scan.

Can Amazon help labeling?

Yes, you can go to the background and set it in “Settings-Amazon Logistics-Amazon Labeling Service”, but you will be charged ($0.2/pc). This indirectly increases the cost of the product, so no special circumstances, it is recommended to label the product by yourself!


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What are the requirements for shipments to FBA warehouse on US Amazon?

  1. The requirements for shipments to FBA warehouse are as follows:
  2. The box shall not exceed the standard weight limit of 50 pounds (22.7kg), unless it contains a single piece of large goods whose weight exceeds 50 pounds.
  3. For large items weighing more than 50 pounds per piece, a label clearly marked “TeamLift” must be affixed to the top and sides of the box.
  4. For large items weighing more than 100 pounds per piece, a label clearly marked “TeamLift” must be affixed to the top and sides of the box. A label clearly marked “Mechanical Lift” must be affixed to the top and sides of the box.
  5. (Boxes containing jewelry or clocks must not exceed 40 pounds.
  6. Boxes containing more than one standard size item must not exceed 25″ (64cm) in length on any one side.
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