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In the age of the Internet, more and more people are earning commissions by promoting items on Amazon Associates Program offers bloggers, website owners, and social media marketers an opportunity to earn commissions by recommending items on Amazon.

However, in order to keep the program fair and compliant, sellers need to understand what Amazon Associates Program is and how to avoid possible violations.

What is the Amazon Associates Program?

Amazon Associates Program is a promotional from Amazon that allows owners of blogs, websites, and social media platforms to earn commissions by sharing links to Amazon products. Sellers provide participating members of the program with a unique affiliate link, and when someone purchases an item through those links, the seller pays a percentage of the commission.


Amazon Associates Program?

Amazon Associates Program


Common Amazon affiliate sales

  1. Product page top recommendation
  2. Variant association
  3. Following the seller associated
  4. New product/Vendor ads association
  5. Associated purchase (check box)
  6. Associated purchase (sliding window item)
  7. Recommended ads
  8. Comparison recommendation
  9. FAQs and reviews can also have the effect of associated sales, but Amazon will not directly recommend this method

If you don’t want to just read these text interpretations, you can click on the video below to help you understand more quickly about the Amazon Associates Program:


Common Amazon associated sales methods

1. The more common way is to set up bundled sales for the store’s products, that is, two products can give buyers a discount if they buy them together.

For example, refrigerators and sockets to buy together, cell phones and cell phone film to buy together, toothbrushes and toothpaste to buy together, over time which the main product will drive the sales of subsidiary products to improve, which is currently more stable to form Frequently Bought Together approach.

2. The use of PPC advertising

You want to do the object of association is a listing, so you must set up long-tail words, and set up these long-tail words in the PPC advertising phrases. The price won’t be very high because the competition is smaller.

As soon as a customer enters that listing, your ad will appear. Click on the ads to view or buy your products, and a certain number will be associated if they reach a certain level.

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Amazon FBA advertising

Amazon Associates Program


How to Amazon Affiliate to Avoid Compliance?

Compliant Content

When promoting Amazon items, make sure your content is legal and compliant. Avoid using infringing material, including but not limited to pirated images, text and videos.

Transparent testimonials

When promoting items, clearly communicate to your audience that you are a member of the Amazon Affiliate Program and that you may receive a commission from their purchases. Being transparent helps build trust and avoids being misleading.


Never use any automated tools or any other means to fake clicks. This behavior is against Amazon’s policies and can lead to account termination.


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Don’t Use False Information

Do not provide false information about Amazon items, including but not limited to prices, discounts, etc. Providing accurate and reliable information helps maintain user trust.

Avoid Rewarding Referrals

Don’t encourage your audience to shop through your links by offering them rewards. This may be considered a violation.

Avoid Promoting on Illegal Sites

Don’t promote Amazon items on illegal, adult, or other offending sites. Not only could this result in a violation, it could also damage your reputation.

Be aware of special policies

Amazon has some special policies, such as additional rules for specific categories of items. When promoting these items, make sure you know and follow the policies.

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