AEO Certification | How to Apply for Advanced Certification?

AEO certification stands for Authorized Economic Operator, which refers to an enterprise that is involved in the international movement of goods in any way that meets the standards set by the General Administration of Customs.

Benefits of AEO certification

  • AEO certification certified enterprises can obtain priority treatment for export, i.e., more security and preferential policies are provided in the export customs declaration form, and special management requirements are provided, which can greatly reduce the cost of customs inspection and increase the convenience of customs declaration.
  • AEO certification enterprises are also able to obtain a higher level of customer service, reduce the process of portable goods, shorten the audit time, improve customs inspection procedures, and increase the efficiency of the flow of goods.
  • AEO certification enterprises also have easier access to customs study materials, reducing the time required for customs clearance audits and improving the accuracy of goods audits, so that goods can pass customs audits faster and complete export clearance procedures more quickly in order to gain revenue more quickly.


AEO certification


brief outline:

  1. Enterprises directly enjoy customs clearance facilitation measures (including international mutual recognition);
  2. Enjoy joint incentives from 41 national departments (detailed address of the General Administration of Customs);
  3. Enterprise bidding tools (enterprise brand and high credit qualification embodiment);
  4. Threshold for suppliers of materials for state-aided foreign projects;
  5. Standardize enterprise management and reduce enterprise import and export trade security risks.

AEO certification benefits also include other regional preferential policies, such as capital subsidies and so on.

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China Customs

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AEO certification enterprise conditions

1.The enterprise needs to set up a legal representative led by the certification of the working group; comprehensively sort out the company’s various departments of the standardized management system and organizational structure;

The organization of customs services to learn the customs AEO certification standards and regulations; one by one to improve and supervise the implementation of the Customs certification standards until they meet the Customs and then apply for certification.

2.Which has a document storage requirements: the establishment of import and export document management system according to customs requirements, to ensure that the import and export of paper and electronic customs declaration documents, logistics information files preserved by the timeliness, completeness, accuracy and security.

3.Now many customs enterprises do not have electronic documents stored indefinitely system, but the application for AEO advanced certification enterprises need, it is necessary to introduce a system suitable for customs enterprises to store and archive this part of the documents.

4.Immediately international logistics management system customs declaration version, can meet this requirement, features include automatic generation of documents PDF electronic file, automated simulation entry accompanying documents, a key to parse the customs data, support for customs declaration documents stored indefinitely.


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Pain points of AEO certified enterprises

  1. No AEO qualification leads to the rise of inbound and outbound inspection and delay in delivery.
  2. No AEO qualification leads to a decline in credit rating and loss of customers.
  3. No AEO qualification leads to the decline of enterprise’s qualification level, the senior management dereliction of duty
  4. No AEO qualification leads to the increase of enterprise risk level and the obstruction of financing.
  5. No AEO qualification leads to the decline of enterprise tax level and delay of tax refund.

AEO Certification Application Process

Submission of application

Enterprises applying to become Customs Advanced Certification Enterprise, after self-assessment in line with the “Customs Advanced Certification Enterprise Standards”, can submit to the local Customs stamped with the company’s official seal of the “Application for Advanced Certification Enterprise”.

Customs audit

Enterprises to submit complete application materials and fill out a complete, standardized, the Customs to be accepted and issued by the Customs “Senior Certified Enterprise Application Receipt”.

Field certification

Directly under the Customs review and organization of certification operations, go to the enterprise for on-site certification.


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