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HS code, full name: International Convention for Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System, abbreviated as Harmonized System, abbreviated as HS.

The role of HS code 

It is convenient for the customs to supervise the goods

Customs also need to use HS codes to carry out relevant supervision and statistics on imported and exported commodities, so that they can also conduct real statistics on commodities according to different codes, so that they can and can implement relevant tariff collection, etc. .

Product inspection

Because after passing such HS code, it is also possible to truly conduct relevant inspections on the commodities that need to be inspected.

Related tax

The tax bureau can also collect taxes related to commodities based on such HS codes.
It can be said that the HS code also mainly has such functions in it. It is precisely because of this role that people began to pay more attention to HS codes and became a code that people are more familiar with.

Way to query HS code?

HS Code

How to use the customs code correctly

  1. The customs code is different, and the content elements to be filled in when submitting to the customs are also different, because the Hs code regulates the declaration elements. If the declaration elements are not filled in properly, it may cause the failure of the customs declaration, and a second customs declaration will be required, which will cause the delivery delay and affect the purchaser’s trust in the company.
  2. The customs department implements supervision and statistics on import and export commodities based on customs codes. According to different codes, the value-added tax levied on products is also different.
  3.  The customs codes used for customs declaration are different, and the tariffs are also different, which will also lead to underpayment or overpayment of tariffs; if underpayment is found to be evasion of tariffs, it will be legally responsible; if overpayment, the enterprise itself will suffer losses.
  4. Similarly, the customs code will also affect the tax rebate rate for import and export. The tax refund rate may be different for different commodity declaration codes. The tax bureau judges whether import and export goods enjoy tax refund and the tax rate of tax refund according to the customs code.
  5. When using trade data, we can query the product transaction records and foreign trade customers of the corresponding category by entering the customs code of the product declaration
  6.  Commodity inspection agencies can conduct commodity inspection on import and export commodities according to the customs code.

How To Source From 1688 Website

If the wrong HS code is used

Goods will enter another country with the wrong classification number

Exporter’s Certificate of Origin is wrongly prepared

There may be delays in import customs clearance.

Additional costs may be incurred by the buyer.

The importing country may initiate an investigation.

Goods may not qualify for preferential tariff treatment.

Penalties may be imposed.

tariff rate quota

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