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If you are considering joining the Amazon seller family, then you should know that you can sell to more than just regular buyers, but also to Amazon. That’s right, you can be an Amazon vendor,Do you know how to sell to Amazon warehouse?

What is Amazon Vendor Central?

It is an invitation-only platform where you can become an Amazon supplier by selling items directly to Amazon. After receiving an invitation from Amazon, it will work like this:
Amazon places an order with you.

You send the inventory to Amazon.

Amazon pays for the purchase and takes care of selling those items.

How to sell to Amazon warehouse?

How to sell to Amazon warehouse?


How to sell to Amazon warehouse?

Assuming you think becoming an Amazon Supplier is as easy as Seller Central, you’re wrong. This is an invitation-only platform. You can’t apply; you need an invitation from Amazon.
Amazon has a vendor recruitment team looking for different brands to sell their products. Their selection criteria depends on the following elements:

1. High sales on the seller’s platform

2. Popular products in the marketplace

3. Exhibitors presenting unique and innovative products at the show

If Amazon shows interest in selling your products, you will receive an email from Amazon asking you to join the Vendor Center. The Amazon team will explain to you all the processes involved in becoming a supplier.

Once you agree to Amazon’s terms and conditions, you will have easy access to the Supplier Center and can start supplying products to Amazon.


How to sell to Amazon warehouse?

How to sell to Amazon warehouse?


This is different from Amazon FBA sellers, here is how does amazon fba work:
The full name of Amazon FBA is Fulfillment by amazon, “Fulfillment by amazon”, that is, the shipping business provided by Amazon warehouse.

How does Amazon FBA work?

1. Send the product to Amazon via an international freight forwarder

All the seller needs to do is to contact the supplier to prepare the goods, and then prepare the packaging, marking and documents of the goods according to Amazon’s requirements.

Amazon FBA warehouse locations:
Arizona (Arizona, AZ) Amazon USA has 5 FBA warehouses in AZ.
California (California, CA) U.S. Amazon has 23 FBA warehouses in CA.
Colorado (Colorado, CO) Amazon has 2 FBA warehouses in CO.
Connecticut (CT) Amazon has 3 FBA warehouses in CT.
Delaware (StateofDelaware, DE) Amazon USA has 4 FBA warehouses in DE.
Florida (Florida, FL) Amazon USA has 8 FBA warehouses in FL.
Georgia (Georgia, GA) Amazon USA has 4 FBA warehouses in GA.
Illinois (IL) Amazon USA has 11 FBA warehouses in IL.
Indiana, IN
Kansas (KS)
Kentucky (Kentucky, KY)
Massachusetts (Massachusetts, MA)


How to sell to Amazon warehouse?

How to sell to Amazon warehouse?


2. Amazon stores goods

After the goods arrive at the destination Amazon warehouse, the seller needs to register the goods on Amazon and store the goods in the Amazon warehouse for short-term storage.

3. Amazon picking and packing

When a seller receives an order from a customer, Amazon workers help you sort the item from inventory and package it.

4. Shipped by Amazon

Amazon workers will be responsible for shipping products from the FBA warehouse and ultimately for return/exchange requests.

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How to sell to Amazon warehouse?

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