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Some of the most important things you need to know about shipping from freight forwarder China to the US.

Freight forwarder China shipping process

Route: from Shenzhen, Xiamen, Shanghai, Ningbo, or HONGKONG to Los Angeles for customs clearance

Shipping Companies: The main shipping companies are: Matson, EMC, Cosco, MSC, HPL, Maersk, OOCL, and CMA.

  • Matson ———- Shanghai shipping period from loading containers to the docked ship to the destination port on the normal 11 days or so can rely on the port.
  • EMC——— Shenzhen shipping to the destination is about 18 days can be port.

But at present, the overall time limit is about 20-45 days to complete the delivery.

Customs clearance port: Mainly Los Angeles port

Delivery/pick up: UPS /FEDEX/truck delivery and pick up at nearby ports, etc

Delivery mode: UPS and FedEx to the door, truck delivery needs to be unloaded into the truck.

Special areas: Alaska, AK, and military addresses require confirmation of service in advance.

Customs clearance information: only the information of goods and the address of the consignee are required for customs clearance.


forwarder China


Difference between shipping + delivery and shipping 

Forwarder China Delivery mode, shipping +Courier is directly into the warehouse to the easy-to-pick warehouse. Shipping warehousing is required to warehouse to the designated shipping warehouse.

Shipping space booking method, shipping +Courier without booking, easy to have a fixed sailing date every week. For sea transportation, you need to book shipping space at least half a month in advance.

Forwarder China Warehousing mode, shipping +Courier can be at any time the goods can be warehousing and easy to pick up the warehouse. Warehousing by sea requires a reservation, and only with warehousing paper can you enter the outer warehouse, and you have to queue up.

Forwarder China Customs clearance mode, shipping +Courier is tax-inclusive customs clearance, without the need for the consignee to provide customs clearance information and customs clearance. For shipping, customers need to clear customs by themselves, pay taxes and prepare customs clearance materials by themselves.

Forwarder China Delivery mode, shipping +Courier is to the door. By sea, you can pick it up by yourself at the port and wharf.

Forwarder China Delivery mode, shipping +Courier is delivered to the door or warehouse until warehousing. It’s not delivered by sea.

How to choose what kind of shipping

Chinese sellers, no matter Amazon or other overseas warehouse companies, mostly adopt the mode of shipping +Courier, unless the customers specify the case of shipping because shipping + delivery can help customers with a series of procedures of customs clearance, delivery, and transportation, and the consignee only needs to wait for the receipt of goods.

Personal purchases in the United States, the United States if a man purchase goods to sell or home decoration products such as purpose, ninety-nine percent is also adopted the easy shipping + delivery model of the company, so we can save unnecessary trouble, only need to pay transportation, no need to worry about other, wait for the delivery to the door.

The American company purchases the goods according to the needs of the customers. If the customers have the customs clearance ability, they can pick up the goods themselves at the dock, or they can deliver the goods to the port by sea. If you want to keep it simple, or if you don’t have too much stock, most of the cases are the same.

Other third-party service providers need to measure the needs of customers according to the needs of each customer, and what channels they need to go overseas according to the different needs of each customer.

Pay attention to when shipping to USA from forwarder China

Accurate address, provide detailed English address, telephone number, contact person, postcode,

Accurate information of goods, including an accurate name, material, usage, and customs code. Do not know can consult us

Extra delivery fee will be charged for oversized parts. For oversized parts :(shortest side + sub-long side) *2+ longest side > 330CM and < 410CM.


forwarder China
forwarder China


Customs clearance for freight forwarder China

Forwarder China export goods to the United States in many ways and some duties and taxes on goods imported from the United States are paid by the shipper. In this case, THE US Customs requires the Chinese exporter to sign an authorization form before shipment, similar to the one used by Chinese customs at customs declarations. There are two common customs clearance methods:


That is, the POA provided by the US consignee (consignee) to the US agent of the freight forwarder also requires the US consignee’s guarantee.


That is, the shipper provides POA to the forwarder at the port of departure, and the forwarder transfers it to the agent at the port of destination. The US agent helps the shipper to obtain the importer’s customs registration number in the US and the shipper needs to purchase a Bond.

The customs clearance process in this trading mode

Report to customs

After receiving the notification of arrival and preparing the documents required by the customs, the customs officer may apply for clearance to the customs within 5 days after arriving at the port or inland point. Customs clearance by sea will be notified within 48 hours and by air within 24 hours. Some cargo ships have not yet arrived in Hong Kong and the customs have decided to inspect them. Most inland points can be pre-cleared before the goods arrive, but the results will only be shown after the goods arrive (i.e., after it arrives).

There are two ways to declare to customs, one is the electronic declaration, and the other is that customs need to check written documents. In any case, we must prepare the documents and other data information we need.


China freight forwarder
China freight forwarder


Prepare customs declaration documents

  • the bill of lading;
  • Packing list;
  • Notice of arrival

Fumigation certificate or non-wood packing declaration should be provided if wood packing is available.

The name of the consignee on the bill of lading shall be the same as that on the latter three documents. If not, the consignee on the bill of lading must make a letter of the transfer before the third party can clear the customs. ** and the packing list also requires the name, address, and telephone number of the sales confirmation. This information is missing in the domestic section S/ document and will be required to be supplemented.

The transfer

For inland customs clearance, we need to transshipment. We need to provide our id card number, effective date, place of departure, and place of stay. The inland customs will use I.T# to control and release.

Release the goods

In the previous ABI system, the shipping company wharf was directly connected to the customs, which meant that if customs were released in ABI, both the shipping company and the wharf could see it.


forwarder China
forwarder China



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