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Door to door shipping from China to USA: The container loaded by the shipper, after being checked and accepted by the carrier in its warehouse or factory warehouse, will be transported by the carrier throughout the whole process until the container is delivered to the consignee’s warehouse or factory warehouse.

This kind of full-line transportation is called “door-to-door” transportation. It is also called “door-to-door delivery”.

Advantages of Door to door shipping from China to USA

Reduce operating costs and reduce transportation costs.

Quality damage and cargo difference are greatly reduced, and cargo insurance costs are also reduced; after carrying out the “door-to-door” business process of container transportation, the construction cost of a lot of supporting warehouses can be saved.

Simplify the procedures for freight logistics work.

The goods are transported by door-to-door container, and the box is used as the transport module of the goods, which reduces the complicated work stage and simplifies the handover procedures of freight logistics.

Door to door shipping from China to USA

Save the raw materials of goods packaging.

The application of door-to-door container transportation can simplify or even eliminate packaging, save packaging materials and costs, and reduce costs.

Door to door shipping from China to USA by sea

Sea freight from China to USA is one of the most used options in logistics because it is very flexible and can ship many different types of goods and goods.

With this model, you also have to deal with customs clearance and documentation, and once your shipments arrive at the port, you will have to figure out how to get them from the port to your facility or warehouse.

Two modes: FCL Door to door shipping from China to USA, LCL Door to door shipping from China to USA

FCL Door-to-Door Shipping: This shipment occupies an entire container, whether it is a 20ft or 40ft container. If your item is large, it will be packed in a full case without sharing space with shipments belonging to any other shippers.

LCL door-to-door shipping: Also known as LCL, this shipping is mainly for shippers whose cargo is not large enough to fit the entire container. Under LCL, several shippers consolidate their cargo into a single container. When the ships arrive at the port of origin, the freight forwarders are responsible for separating them for onward delivery to their respective owners.

Door to door shipping from China to USA by sea by air

Air freight from China to USA ensures the safety of cargo transportation. The door-to-door container transportation method reduces the frequency of human resource loading, unloading, and transportation in the traditional transportation method, prevents cargo logistics safety accidents such as damage, moisture damage, and loss caused by human and natural factors, and reduces property losses.

Door to door time by air: 7-15 days

Door to door shipping from China to USA

Door-to-door shipping process

Pick up and transfer your goods

Provide packaging or storage services if required

Shipping documents (packing list, commercial invoice, bill of lading, certificate of origin…)

Loading and unloading, loading and unloading, import and export customs clearance at ports or airports.

Freight to all ports/airports worldwide

Shipping to your final address

Door to door shipping from China to USA

Factors affect cost of Door to door shipping from China to USA

Distance from departure port to destination port

The distance between the port of origin for pickup and the port of destination where the goods will be delivered greatly affects the cost of delivery.
International energy market fuel prices

Vessels need fuel to operate, and fuel costs are hardly static but fluctuate from time to time. Given this challenge, Xiongda Logistics will always notify shippers in advance of potential changes in cost of Door to door shipping from China to USA.


Dock charges also affect shipping costs, as freight forwarders have to pay port authorities to dock a vessel to load your cargo. Dock fees vary by port.

Shipping season

Shipping season is also another factor to consider. Off-seasons, when importers ship less cargo, attract lower cost of Door to door shipping from China to USA.As carriers tend to lower freight rates. During the peak season, shipping rates are much higher as a large number of shippers want to ship their goods out of China. In China, the low season runs from March to September, but this may change due to the forces of supply and demand.

Trade currency

Your transaction currency also affects cost of Door to door shipping from China to USA. If you’re using a currency that’s weaker relative to the U.S. dollar, you’re likely to pay more. It is recommended to use the globally recognized US dollar as a means of exchange because it maintains a relatively stable exchange rate in the international foreign exchange market.

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